Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Chosen Ones

The Chosen Ones
Copyright 2013, Keith Birmingham

He was working in the coal mines.
He was tired, and he was beat.
His was bruised and he was callused.
From his head down to his feet.

His paycheck was meager.
His cupboard was bare.
He was a victim.
Of ruin and despair.

As he stood in the doorway.
And, looked to the sky.
He whispered a prayer,
To ask God “Why?”

Why do some men suffer
To feed their family
While some men live
With no clue of poverty.

Why do some men suffer
Why must some men die.
To pay for the ones
That never seem to try.

And, why must men suffer
The agony and pain
While rulers and con men
Share fortune and fame.

Some men are chosen,
Or, so it seems,
To take from others,
To steal hopes and dreams.

While others live with hardship,
Day in and day out.
Some men live in houses,
And mansions by the sea.

Sometimes God answers
But, man cannot hear
The words that God speaks
Ever so clear.

Someday the meek
Will inherit the earth.
Someday my son
You’ll stand beside me.

But, now you must listen
To the words that I preach.
Learn of their meaning,
Your children you must teach.

For God he did send us
His one and only son.
And. those who believe in him,
Shall be the chosen ones.

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