Tuesday, February 26, 2019

This Is My Diary

For now, this is my diary. I have never really kept a real diary, only notes through rough periods of my life.

I want to start this diary now because I want to start my mind in the direction of writing things that may help others who may go through similar emotions and events that I have had or am having.

For now, my post will be of random thoughts that I seem to live with daily. I am experiencing memories that have been buried deep in my past for years. Only a few of them are good memories. Most of them are from the mistakes I have made in my life. Most of them are minuscule events, but they are driving me nuts. It seems like my life has been full of unfinished bad jokes.

I recently posted the following thought on my Facebook site. This is what I want to deal with on a personal level. "I sometimes wonder how many people in my hometown know what kind of a terrible person I was as a youth. God knows I have tried to be a far better adult."

In the future, I will write mostly about what may seem petty to others but to me they are things that should never have happened or should never have been said.

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