Photo Shoot Pricing

Lease pricing for publication is determined by industry standards and factors involved in the production of the artwork and it's intended use. My pricing is based on calculations used by Cradoc fotoSoftware.

For local Las Vegas assignment work there is a minimum charge of $200 for a 2-hour minimum shoot. Terms beyond the 2-hour limit should be worked out before shooting begins and will depend on the amount of expected "post-shoot" time and expenses involved. Clients must furnish costumes, props and all items necessary for the shoot beyond standard photo gear. Terms for specialized equipment must be negotiated before use.

BWP works in small venue events for "PERSONAL" use. I do not shoot weddings. Clients are given access to my online studio to purchase prints, or to download the photos they desire. Because of the many variables "COMMERCIAL" needs and use must be negotiated at the time of booking the event.

For every hour that a photographer bills and spends with their clients, they will spend 3 or more hours in post-shoot operations. Please consider that I operate a business, and must meet all of the financial obligations of running that business.





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