Sunday, September 19, 2021

Kickstarter or Go Fund Me


 I am contemplating using the following file as my opening letter for a funding site to ask for help with my moving expenses. I am considering Kickstarter and Go Fund Me. If you have any suggestions please drop me a note. Should I or should I not do this.


What I am hoping to do is raise $2,500+ for my relocation to the Las Vegas Valley so that I can finish my primary photography project and expand into other media projects. I am a 72-year-old retired over-the-road truck driver and I am a veteran. If I had the stamina I would still be working as a driver and would not have to ask for help. When I arrive in the Las Vegas Valley I plan to place all of my belongings in storage and live in my van while hunting a room-share to rent and while waiting for an opening at the Boulder City complex where I plan to live permanently. Following is an explanation of why I need help funding my move.

In April of 2019, I was living in Henderson, NV., and waiting on a low-income senior housing apartment complex in Boulder City, NV. to call me. I was on a waiting list for an apartment in this complex since May of 2017. While in the Las Vegas Valley I spent 2.5 years photographing the community parks, preserves, trails, memorials, monuments, and museums in and around the Las Vegas Valley. Since leaving the Las Vegas Valley I have spent much of my time editing and posting my photography work on a ( website and on my Adobe and Alamy  Stock photo sites. Completing this project is one of my reasons for returning to the Las Vegas Valley. But, I love the desert, and Boulder City is a beautiful small town that is close enough for me to do the work I am trying to do.

In November of 2019, I returned to Oklahoma to care for an ailing sister. The Boulder City apartment complex called me in December of 2019. But, I stayed in Oklahoma to care for my sister and act as her Power of Attorney. My sister passed away in October of 2020.

I filed the paperwork again with the Boulder City apartment complex in April of 2021. I was #87 on their list. As of September 13, 2021, I am somewhere lower than #42.

In February of 2021, I completed my sister's legal matters and moved to the Las Vegas Valley. However, I was unsuccessful in finding a place to live in March and April and had to return to Oklahoma. I put my belongings in storage and spent almost 2 months living in my van while looking for a place to live with no success. Since the end of February and by June of 2021 I had lost 38 pounds. I was dehydrated and sick. So, I began renting a bedroom and bathroom from my older sister in Clinton, OK. while deciding what to do.

Knowing that I still want to live in Boulder City, NV. I knew I did not want to sign a one-year lease that would keep me from being able to lease an apartment in Boulder City, NV. The bank I have held an account with since the mid-’90’s has agreed to make me a loan when I move. However, doing this will put me in a very tight spot financially for the next 2 years. Thus, I am asking for help via this program.


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