Sunday, January 23, 2022

Letter For Help With Van Break Down

This is my 2002 Ford E150

Why Las Vegas? I am not a gambler. I got that out of my system 51+ years ago when I was in the Navy, stationed aboard the USS Hornet CVS-12 and the USS Midway CVA-41 and sailing around in the Tonkin Gulf. But, I have always loved the desert and I fell in love with the city in 1974, the first time I  entered the Las Vegas Valley as an over-the-road truck driver. 

I plan to try to raise $8,000 for van repair (a new motor) and relocation expenses. However, this time I plan to wait to hear from the senior apartment complex in Boulder City, Nevada before I travel again to Nevada. They cannot tell me how much my rent will be nor give me any further info until my name comes up for a possible apartment. With the COVID virus, there are constant changes that may affect the cost of living in Nevada. If it turns out that the cost of living is beyond my ability to pay I will find a place in my home state of Oklahoma.

Yes, I know I did the right thing when I returned to Oklahoma from the Las Vegas Valley to take care of an ailing sister. Sadly, she passed away in October of 2020. And, since then, things have gone from bad to worse for me. For two years while living in Nevada I had been photographing the parks, preserves, trails, memorials, monuments, and museums in and near the Las Vegas Valley. At the same time, I was shooting street photography and events in the area along with some travel photography. A shortlist of my websites is at the end of this document.

After my sister passed I spent the next four months saving my money to move back to Nevada to work on and finish my photography project and continue my work in photography and music. I left Oklahoma the last week of February 2021 and was in the Las Vegas Valley until April looking for a temporary place to live. I did not find one and returned to Oklahoma. By this time I was sick and had lost 38 pounds. Once again, I stayed with my older sister until I borrowed enough money in September to make another failed trip to the Las Vegas Valley to try once again to find a temporary home. Three weeks later I was back in Oklahoma at my older sister's house.

I should explain more fully my reason for searching for a temporary place to live while in the Las Vegas Valley. Again, I am anxious to get back to work with my photography and music projects. I am on a waiting list for a full-time apartment in Boulder City, Nevada. This apartment is in a retirement complex for seniors and disabled people. I was on the list for this apartment before I returned to Oklahoma to care for my sister that passed away in October 2021. This complex called me not long after I had returned to Oklahoma to care for her. I chose to stay to help my sister, but called and got back on another list after she passed away. I now expect this complex to call me soon with another chance for an apartment there.

Bad luck seems to be attracted to me these days. My 2002 Ford Van chose to blow an engine on my 73rd birthday, January 22, 2022. My banker had already trusted me enough to loan me enough money to make that second failed trip to Nevada, and that had put me well over what my van is worth, I am sure he will not be happy to see me again for a couple of years until I get my loan balance down. But, I love driving my van, and even if I could afford it I would not want to get rid of it. Someday I would like to rebuild it to better than brand new. But, that is a dream for the future.

I am a veteran. I have been on a fixed (Social Security) income since my retirement from a 35-year career as an over-the-road trucker. I retired in November of 2009. This was due to ill health caused by exhaustion after a quadruple bypass heart surgery in November 2002. Also, I receive a 10% disability pension from the Veterans Administration for hearing loss which may account for my inability to know a problem was developing with my van. And, as of January 22, 2022 (my 73rd birthday), my streak of bad luck seems to be doing its best to turn me into a financially broke and homeless person. Thus, my plea for help.

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