Friday, February 4, 2022

Failure or Success, and What Is Next


My fundraiser is not going as well as I hoped. But, then, I have no knowledge of running one. So, I think the best thing I can do is "NOT DELETE" it, but back off and keep studying the GoFundMe website to learn how to run one. Humanity is very fickle at best, but people have never paid much attention to what I have to say.

My future is very shakey, at best. I bought my van 2.75 years ago with the intent of living the van life. However, It was quickly revealed to me that doing a van build on it to live on the road was not what I needed. I have since learned that while it is true that I needed a van to camp in I also needed a van for work situations and to haul passengers around with.

I am 73-years old. It is a little hard for me to walk to get anywhere, so there are far fewer things that I can do to make money. If it turns out that my fundraiser is a failure I will no longer be able to work at building my photography business as it requires that I be able to travel, sometimes long distances, to do my work. And, recently, I have had eye surgery through the VA hospital system. It was not a choice. I had to do the surgery or go blind. But, until a few days ago I thought my veteran's benefits would pay for the surgery. Now I have learned that it will only pay 10% of the cost of the surgery. So, as of today the bill for surgery is almost $8,000, and there will be more procedures.

So, while it appears that I am stuck between a rock and a hard place I will not give up. Today, I will start doing research on grants to see if I might somehow be able to save my transportation and save my dreams.


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