Tuesday, February 15, 2022

From A GoFundMe Fundraiser to A Business Plan


I just cannot see how a 12+-year-old car is going to go for 5+ years without a major breakdown. And,  how long will a new motor and used drive-train last in a 20-year-old van? So, I woke up this morning thinking that until I get this 20-year-old van paid off I think it is best that I try to do without personal transportation. And, I will still need to somehow raise the money to buy another van. So, once again, I started wondering, "How can I turn my fundraiser into a permanent business? What do I have that will convince people to spend their hard-earned money on services I have to offer?"

Photography, music, and travel are all I know. For the major majority of my 12-year retirement, I have posted and sold my camera work on the internet. Without the money needed to spend on advertising, it has been a slow and painful process. For the minor majority of my 12-year retirement, I have been playing my guitar and writing songs. And, for 35 years before retiring I was an over-the-road truker. I have traveled all over the continental United States and parts of Canada hauling all kinds of freigt on every kind of trailer I know of. So, these are the things I have to offer. But, how do I do the job of selling people the services I have to offer?

Today, February 15, 2022, I will start sending out applications to find a job driving truck. Even at my age, (73) I can do this. And, yes, I am that damned bullheaded. Today, I will find a way to offer the results of my camera work to the public as free gifts for their donations to my fundraiser and convince them to use me to search for and shoot the perfect photograph they want to hang on their wall or place on their desk. And, today, I will break out my guitar and start producing new recordings and videos of songs that I have written and songs by other recording artists that I have always liked. And, I will find a way to market my songs.


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