Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Save My Transportation - GoFundMe Update.02.02.2022

Carrying Your Load

Well, my fundraiser started off with a big bang, $500 in two days. But, then it stopped. Well, the 3rd day started with a scam promise of $2000 but ended with the would-be doner asking me for $20.00. And, then yesterday, I got the following message from an upset so-called friend: "Pardon me? I really don't know you, but you expect me to help you with your van repairs. We all have bills. I suggest selling your van and walking." But, I know I have to expect some reactions like that. But, those are not the people I am asking for help from because I know it won't come. I still have faith in humanity.

Everything has a learning curve to it. I am and will be spending my time sending out solicitations for help, and I do not expect this to be an easy ordeal, but I have no other choice. However, I did speak to my banker. He told me that if this fundraiser showed progress and if I kept my loan payments up he thinks he will be able to help me. I have been with this bank and making payments to them since the mid-90's as a single dad, and I have never been late with a payment. So, he knows that I am trying. But, it is still unsettling to not know what I can and cannot do.

On Monday I had an appointment at the eye clinic. I was told that the oil bubble that they put in my eye is doing its job but would be left there for at least 2 more months. That is what is keeping me from losing sight in my left eye. Sadly, I also learned that I may owe the eye clinic $7,000+ now, and more procedures are on the way.

Finally, I am studying everything I can find to learn how to make a success of this fundraiser. I just want to apologize to my friends that do not like what I am doing. It is not my favorite thing to wish upon anyone. So, please bare with me. This may take a while.

Save My Transportation

Van Repair and Rebuild

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