Saturday, March 19, 2022

Learning, and Notes to Myself

2002 /Ford E150

Once again I am trying to watch tv and relax. Once again, it ain’t happening. But, things are beginning to happen for me. I have now been approved for another loan for either another vehicle or a new motor for my van. It is not the best of deals but I can cope with it for a few months if I can go back to work driving a truck, or a few years if I do not have the stamina for driving a truck. But, either way, I now have something to work with even if either choice keeps me in a debt I cannot afford. However, If I can go back to trucking I can erase that debt in a few months. And, at least I will, in less than two weeks, have transportation.

Although I almost changed my mind today I have chosen to go with putting a newly re-manned engine in my van. This will give me a choice of either selling the van or keeping it when it is done  Hopefully I can come out ahead with either of those choices.

Looking ahead I still think I should try to return to Nevada to live. Again, my choices of where to live will depend on whether I go back to truck driving or not. I have other things to worry about before I can make that decision.


This part of my post is meant to be a record for me and a guidepost for what I need to do to get my life straightened out. It will not be done in the numerical order they are listed in.

1.)Sign for another loan at my bank to get the van motor installed.
2.) Stop current GoFundMe. Start another one to "Get Me Outta Here".
3.) Get Ins. on the van.
4.) Get the oil bubble out of my left eye.
5.) Get an appointment to take excess skin from eyelids.
6.) Test for new glasses.
7.) Get credit files from all three credit bureaus and work to straighten out any and all deficiencies.
8.) Find a way to move back to Nevada.
9.) Start the process to get my CDL and med cards.
10.) Apply at trucking companies to run Western Regional.
11.) Tag Van in Oklahoma
12.) Tag and title van in NV.
13.) Smog test van for NV.
14.) Seek counseling from VA for family problems.


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