Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Update to Bouncing Back and Starting Over


I am posting this update via my blog because my GFM fundraiser site is acting up tonight  

Sitting here thinking. Yeah, I am grumpy, but I have a right to be. I have been used and abused my whole life. But, I have always spent my life trying to please those who was doing it. It drove me to alcoholism at an early age. It took me through two divorces. I won’t complain about my first divorce, except to say I am proud of my two children from it but the marriage should never have happened. I was not mature enough. But, even after the second divorce I helped, beyond legal necessities, every time she called for a good 15+ years before refusing to help anymore. And, she was able to survive without my help.

So, fast forward through my years as a single dad and years of weekly hints from my X’s and 4 kids for money. Well, I did help the kids and it kept me broke and homeless once the kids were supposedly on their own

And, now it comes down to mid-2019, I am living in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I was still getting weekly phone calls from people wanting me to pay for their inabilities. But now, one of my sisters living in Oklahoma is sick. Her daughter had died 2 years earlier. She had no one to help her. After 3 trips to the VA hospital because I was unable to breath due to stress I returned to Oklahoma in November, 2019 to care for her. In March 3rd of 2020 she went into the hospital. I spent 5 days a week traveling 250 miles/day being available for her until she passed away Oct. 17, 2020.

So, it was late Feb. of 2021 when I finished the legal work as my sister’s power-of-attorney. Meanwhile I had saved enough money to move back to Nevada. I left Oklahoma the last week of February. I was in Nevada living in my van for 2 months in an unsuccessful attempt to find a decent place to live. I failed. I returned to Oklahoma to live at my older sister’s house. She had broken her foot and was living with her daughter at the time. But, by October of 2021 I had saved and borrowed enough money for a second failed attempted move back to Nevada. This attempt only lasted less than 3 weeks and I was back in Oklahoma at my sister’s house.

Fast forward to my 73rd birthday, January 22, 2022, while I am waiting on a phone call from who I hope will be my Boulder City, Nevada landlord and preparing for my third attempted move back to Nevada the motor blows up in my van.

I have been running a GoFundMe site while going for 2+ months with no transportation. I finally took a $6k loan with my bank to add to the $4200 that I already owed on it to put a new motor in the van. But, the job is done and I am now setting to work to come out of retirement and go back to work driving a truck and get moved to Nevada. 

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