Sunday, August 26, 2018

My Short Trip to Oklahoma

Photography kept 3 of the last 4 weeks from being a total waste of time. At the end of July I made a move to better my life that turned out to be a mistake. I drove back to Oklahoma to take an apartment in a senior community where I once lived. This move was to give me the solitude I desperately need to do my work, and enable me to afford to buy a van to boon-dock while doing my photography and playing my music. It did not happen. I could not reach an agreement with the property management. My plans were to stay there for one year and hit the road in my van. They wanted me to stay there until death did us part. I came back to my beloved Las Vegas Valley.

Acme Brick Park, Clinton, OK.

Bessie, OK.

Lions Club Park, Cordell, OK.

What little time I was given there to do photography was spent in downtown Clinton and Acme Brick Park, and another outing that includes Bessie, and Cordell, Oklahoma. The rest of my time was spent  with my sisters who now live in Clinton. When the deal fell through on the apartment I immediately repacked my belongings and headed for Las Vegas that night.

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