Saturday, March 26, 2016

Band/Musician/Singer/Songwriter Interview Questionaire


Please answer at least 10 of the following questions to be considered for publication into the “Better World Music” blog. Send the completed form via e-mail to If possible please include up to 3 photos with your submission.

1.)  What is the name of Artist/Band?

2.) When did this band form?

2.)  What are the names of band members, and where are they from?

4.) What is the background (work and/or education) of band members?

5.) How long have you been performing as a band/solo performer?

6.) Describe the music you play. What genres do you play?

7.) Do you write any of your own songs?
8.) Do you prefer to play original or cover tunes?

9.) Who are your musical Influences?
10.) What is your music web site URL?

11.) Have you affiliated with a performance rights organization?

12.) Are any band members in a Musician’s Union?

13.) Live performance experience?

14.) Any previous print or broadcast exposure?

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