Friday, June 28, 2013

Review - "Priscilla - Queen of the Desert"

Priscilla - Queen of the Desert
Uhh, how do you tell your friends and family that you spent 2 hours of the night before enjoying a show about Drag Queens? Hey people, Vegas is Vegas. If you don't see it here you ain't gonna see it anywhere.

Priscilla - Queen of the Desert

It was an experience, to say the least. I won't talk about the underlying message that I got from the show, because I have no desire to promote it. With the recent battles won by gay marriage proponents I can only surmise that the performance I witnessed last night is a prelude to what the Liberals will be spitting out in the not too distant future. I would just ask this simple question: Since the Liberals show absolutely no tolerance for the Christian religion, and have no clue about live in the Muslim world, why is it that Conservatives should have to tolerate it when a Liberal vomits this stuff out?

Yes, the show was good for several laughs. Yes, it was a remarkable production for such a small stage. Yes, it was a nice night out on the town. And yes, it was "free tickets". And yes, it is highly doubtful that this country bumpkin would have ever thought about going to watch a bunch of genetically designed men dress up like women, and try to tell the world that tolerating their lifestyle would be a remarkably sane thing to teach our children.

Marriage? It died last week in Congress.

I will give it 3.5 stars for production value. It gets no score from me for the message it sends. A freak is a freak, is a freak, is  a freak.

Frank, sometimes I worry about you, my friend. But, I did have a good time.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting Hitched in Vegas


Well, I guess it doesn't really matter when they got here, but I think it was on the 18th. My son brought his fiance, and their son to Vegas to get married. His birthday was on June 20th, and they were married on June 21st. My job was to take care of my grandson. I done pretty good for about 4 days. After that I had to have help from Frank, the best man and a family friend. Actually, I would have done just great the whole week, but the walking just about killed me. They left on Monday. It is now Wednesday. I am still recuperating.

Someday I may write about why I did not keep busy with my camera the whole time they were here. Suffice to say that, in the first place, I am not particularly fond of shooting weddings for my own family members. Admittedly, I seem to screw them up royally. Then, you add to that, a little episode that I had while photographing what was going on at a swimming pool where my son and his family were staying, and things could have gotten ugly. I learned a valuable lesson that day. And, it changed the way I approach a photographic subject. And, it made some changes to the plans I have for my life in Vegas. In other words, my mission has changed just a bit.

But, here are some cell phone photos, without explanation, (use your imagination) from the week that my son and his family were here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Event, Lifestyle and Travel Photography

This is Wesley. He has been busking on The Strip for 4 years. I will speak to him again ASAP.
This is my new site. I hope to be adding to it on a weekly basis, at least. I have just started work on this site. It has some good photos on it, but only 3 folders are from work that I have done since relocating to Las Vegas less than 3 weeks ago. I plan to specialize in "event, lifestyle and travel" photography, with a special emphasis (at least for now) on the (buskers) street entertainment of Las Vegas.
Event, Lifestyle and Travel Photography

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Follow the Sun

This bus was sitting outside of the Hard Rock Casino. I did not get a chance to talk to the two girls that are sitting on top of the bus, but I think they were traveling with a band. There was one other young lady there that was inside the bus while I was taking photos around there. The young man standing on the ground was asking them questions about who they were with. There seemed to be a steady stream of people that had to drive by just to take a look. To me it seemed like another bunch of young people imitating the hippies of the late '60's. And, I guess they thought they were doing something new.
My goal is to become as deeply involved with the entertainment field (all aspects) here in Las Vegas as I possibly can. In order to do this I am starting out at the bottom, both as a photojournalist and an entertainer. I came to Vegas two weeks ago with these goals in mind. And, things are going very slowly for me. And, I am not sure whether they are going my way or not. But, that is what I expected at this point in my long term project. I have made 2 trips to The Strip since I have been here to photograph street scenes, and take a look at the busking (street entertainer) scene. It is my goal to get to know the buskers, interview and photograph them and post the articles to this blog. I am hoping that the street scenes that I photograph, the buskers that I photograph and write about, and the other articles that I do about Las Vegas will draw enough readers to my site that will enable me to sell advertising on my site to local casinos, clubs, and other businesses.

I do, of course, have a few other blogs that I work with. But, for the past year or so my writing discipline has been sorely lacking. I have stayed busy working with my photography and music. But, I am hoping that my trips to The Strip and Fremont Street Experience will give me fodder to write about on a weekly basis. If I can focus enough to start writing again I plan to submit articles and photography to local publications like
Vegas Seven and Las Vegas Weekly. And, there are other local and national publications that I hope to write for in the near future. All of this work, I hope, will enable me to travel in the future doing my photography and music when and where I want to be. And, I plan to follow the sun.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Journey Has Begun

After years of searching for the chance to do this, and 2.5 years of preparation, I have finally begun a journey that I hope will enrich my life. I guess it just had to come down to a “now or never” situation for me to step up and step out. Anyway, I have a long battle in front of me to accomplish the following goals: To establish a home where I want to be, and to use my photography and music to travel when, where, why, how, and how much I want to travel. My home base may change with time, but I suspect that this, Las Vegas, is where I need to start. While I am here I will use Las Vegas to teach me how to chose and perform for the audiences I want to perform for. Meanwhile, I will be working on photographic projects that I have in mind, and trying to gain an audience for my photojournalism blogs that deal with travel, photography, music, and entertainment. Sometimes I think I have put to much of a workload upon myself. But, time will tell if that is so, and I will adjust accordingly. All I can do is give it my best shot, and hope that my ideas will pan out. And, pray that my health stays with me.

I have begun work on a new "on-line photography studio" for ( Bad Habit Photography. Please visit my site today and often. I plan to upload photos there at least on a weekly basis. My other projects may keep me to busy to do much more than that.

This blog is here for me to tell what I learn from my journey. When I am not working on my photography or music I will be writing about Las Vegas, music, photography, and travel. Here are some photos from my first couple of nights on the strip. It will take me some time to get organized, but I am here and ready to go to work.