Sunday, December 4, 2022

Par For The Course

Once a trucker always a trucker.


Living in Oklahoma has never been easy for me. I grew up in a small western Oklahoma town at a time when people were moving to cities where employment opportunities were more abundant, if not plentiful. Today is no different. But, I am looking at it differently.

Today I realize that my problems with Oklahoma are of my own making. And, my problem is that I have never been able to stay in one spot since the day I left my hometown to join the navy. I am a habitual drifter. I have learned to travel. Now, I travel to learn. I do not plan to change. However, the last three years have been filled with rough times for me. And, I have learned a lot in the process of getting through them.

Three years ago, in November of 2019 I once again, returned to Oklahoma, but for a good reason. One of my sister's health was failing and I was the only one available to care for her. So, I came back to Oklahoma. I stayed with her in Clinton until I could move into my own apartment in Weatherford. Then came COVID, and at about the same time the government shut the country down my sister was admitted to the hospital for her ailments. Her body was shutting down. For the next 8 months, I was busy driving from one hospital or assisted living center fulfilling her wishes and trying to keep her company while doctors tried to help her. My sister passed away in October of 2020, not from COVID but from her body shutting down from previous ailments that she had in previous years, and the isolation caused by the COVID shutdown also caused her tremendous mental anguish.

I lived in Weatherford until February of 2021 to live out my lease agreement and save money. I left Weatherford in the last week of February to return to Nevada to start working on my photography projects again. But that was not to be. As a matter of fact, I have made 5 trips to Southern Nevada in the past 21 months in failed attempts to find a place to live. Many things have changed all over this country since March of 2022 when the country shut down due to COVID. Las Vegas, I believe, has been changed forever. Like other large cities, Las Vegas has become more angry, distrustful, and obnoxious. The homeless population is way up from what is was when I left there. The entire Strip smells like pot these days. Service in the casino/hotels is a thing of the past. 

On my last trip, it finally hit me that it was not being in Las Vegas that brought me the most joy. It was the 1,100 trip from western Oklahoma to Nevada that gave me joy. I love to travel. So, I have now rented an apartment in Weatherford. I am saving every penny I can and making plans for my future while catching up on things and doing things I let slide while trying to make a better life elsewhere. Someday I hope to return to Nevada, but maybe just to visit. Meanwhile, after 13 years of retirement I am considering trying to return to the trucking industry to feed my travel bug.


Friday, September 30, 2022

Learning The Lifestyle

Dry camping is a learning experience. I am finally setting still and charging my Jackerys’ instead of charging them from my truck battery while rolling. I find it very relaxing sitting in the shade with a cool breeze. Next time I will set my Inverter 50+ feet away and pick my guitar, or nap😜 Life is good.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Fort Cobb, Ok.


Yeah, it needs to be edited. I will start editing my videos when I can more easily and conveniently set down to work on my laptop.

And, what else did I learn today?

Re: State Parks -  Do my research before I go. And yes, I found the park  

Sunday, September 25, 2022

West Coast Blahs


As per my last blog, I did not have a successful meeting and I decided to move on. I left Las Vegas around 13:00 Friday afternoon and arrived in Sayre, Ok. around 17:00 Saturday. I did my best to not be in a hurry, but my trucker blood was flowing. When I have someplace to go I usually run until I’m done.

I was able to take it easy today once I got to Weatherford. But, tomorrow I plan to get my mail at Kay’s house, move my hhg from Clinton to Weatherford for storage. I will then get a post office box and try to register to vote. Then, I am free to do whatever comes to my mind. 

Some readers may think I wasted a lot of money on failed trips trying to move back to Nevada. And, maybe the first three trips were a waste. But, the fourth trip opened my eyes to what Democrat policies have done to the entire WEST COAST. And, the fifth trip solidified what I had learned. I came back here to be where there is still a lot of COMMON SENSE. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Quality of Life

A view from a country folk oriented casino, South Point Casino.


Today, I will have my last meeting with someone in the Las Vegas Valley as I try to find a place to live until an apartment becomes available for me in Boulder City, NV. If it works for me I can try to stay and live here. If it does not work out I will probably start a boon-docking trip back to the sanctity and security of conservative Oklahoma.

At this point I have to ask myself where I  will have the best quality of life. Here are my choices: 

1.) An apartment in Boulder City, NV.

2.) An apartment in Weatherford, Ok. 

3.) Living in my van. 

1.) Hands down, IF I CAN AFFORD IT, I would like #1 the best for VA Health Care, weather, things to do, opportunities to travel where I want to travel.

2.) Second choice is Weatherford, Ok. Weatherford is one of the fastest growing towns in America. It is still small, conservative, and safe. Drawback: I have not had health care to my liking through the Oklahoma VA. And, I do not like Oklahoma winters. 

3.) If I could afford a bigger van or small RV and afford to travel this would be my #1 Choice. But. my van is too small to carry a bed, have any kind of kitchen, a toilet and shower, my clothes, my camera equipment, music equipment, and computer equipment. And it is old enough so that breakdowns are inevitable. But, I am living in my van and it is challenging but still fun.