Sunday, November 28, 2021

A Long Weekend in Weatherford, Oklahoma - What To Do


“Oklahoma is boring,” is what I would often hear from other trukers over a c.b. conversation or sitting in a trucker's lounges. “Get off of the interstate and take a better look,” is my usual response to people I meet that say Oklahoma is a bore to drive through. The truth is that every state in the union has boring highways and byways. But, if you are really looking for adventure, education, physical activities, or just something/anything to do every state in the union has something for everyone who is willing to take the time and initiative to look. And, there is lots to see and do in Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Where to stay if you are in an RV or are a camper you might want to park at Wanderlust Crossings: From I-40 while traveling east or west just take exit #84. Turn south on and travel 1/4 mile. You will see their sign on the left. Turn left into the park.

(580) 772-2800
1038 Airport Rd
Weatherford OK 73096

A list of Things to do in Weatherford, Ok.

1.) Rader Park:

Ole' Fishin' Hole (a great place for teaching children to fish), Disk (Frisbee). Nature trail with fish observation pond.

2.) Prairie West Golf Club: 18 holes of some of the best greens in the state. Monthly memberships for non-resident golfers. 18-Hole golf course, clubhouse, & enclosed cart storage. Phone - (580)-772-3832. Website -

3.) Don Mitchell Rodeo Arena: 2525 Lyle Rd. Weatherford, OK 73096. (580) 774-3063

4.) Sand Plum Trail: A moderate marked and paved one-mile trail around a thickly wooded and brushy area. The area is a very educational resource for nature lovers, and for kids from 4 to 140. It is also a popular community exercise location.

5.) 10 acres with community activity bldg. Splash Pad, playground, ball fields, 11 soccer fields, 6 baseball field, volleyball court, 2 Softball fields, bird sanctuary, archery range & trap range, horseshoe pits, tennis courts, 2 Basketball half courts with six more to follow.

All four items are contained within Rader Park

Directions for items 1 through 4: From on I-40 going east or west to exit #84 on the east side of Weatherford. Take the north side frontage road west to (1.5 miles) Lyle Road. Go north for 2 miles. This will put you in the middle of Rader Park. Sand Plum Trail parking is 1 mile further north. The Ole’ Fishin’ Hole is 1/2 mile west of Sand Plum Trail. The playgrounds, ballparks, rodeo grounds, and Prairie West Golf Club is accessible from Lyle Road:

6.) The Oklahoma “Heartland of America” Museum:

7.) Stafford Air and Space Museum:

8.) SWOSU Pioneer Cellular Events Center: 900 N. 7th St., Weatherford, OK 73096. Office: 580.774.3700.

9.) SWOSU football: ASAP Energy Field - Check the Football Schedule:

10.) War Memorial: This three-stone memorial is a tribute to Custer County soldiers who died in  any of the five American Wars: Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.   The Memorial is, dedicated on July 4, 1993, in Weatherford’s Heritage Park, sponsored by      Custer County VFW Posts along with other donors. Their names are inscribed at the base of the memorial.

11.) Heritage Park: https: 521 West Rainey, Weatherford OK.