Saturday, December 17, 2022

Time To Rebuild


It has been a long but productive two weeks. Things are starting to look better. I have scanned several thousand prints and slides and put them on my computer. I plan to look for a better and cheap way to do the same with several thousand negatives. Two days were actually spent organizing the folders to be put onto the computer. I am now finished with that, I think. Next, this morning I did something I should have done 2 or 3 years ago. I deleted "everything" off of my BWMedia studio website. I have now started to repost only what I think are my best shots. My plan is to make the site ready for when I soon start clicking my shutter again. Until then I will be reposting more of what I think are my best shots.

You can post your comments and suggestion about my site by visiting the site or e-mailing me @

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Par For The Course

Once a trucker always a trucker.


Living in Oklahoma has never been easy for me. I grew up in a small western Oklahoma town at a time when people were moving to cities where employment opportunities were more abundant, if not plentiful. Today is no different. But, I am looking at it differently.

Today I realize that my problems with Oklahoma are of my own making. And, my problem is that I have never been able to stay in one spot since the day I left my hometown to join the navy. I am a habitual drifter. I have learned to travel. Now, I travel to learn. I do not plan to change. However, the last three years have been filled with rough times for me. And, I have learned a lot in the process of getting through them.

Three years ago, in November of 2019 I once again, returned to Oklahoma, but for a good reason. One of my sister's health was failing and I was the only one available to care for her. So, I came back to Oklahoma. I stayed with her in Clinton until I could move into my own apartment in Weatherford. Then came COVID, and at about the same time the government shut the country down my sister was admitted to the hospital for her ailments. Her body was shutting down. For the next 8 months, I was busy driving from one hospital or assisted living center fulfilling her wishes and trying to keep her company while doctors tried to help her. My sister passed away in October of 2020, not from COVID but from her body shutting down from previous ailments that she had in previous years, and the isolation caused by the COVID shutdown also caused her tremendous mental anguish.

I lived in Weatherford until February of 2021 to live out my lease agreement and save money. I left Weatherford in the last week of February to return to Nevada to start working on my photography projects again. But that was not to be. As a matter of fact, I have made 5 trips to Southern Nevada in the past 21 months in failed attempts to find a place to live. Many things have changed all over this country since March of 2022 when the country shut down due to COVID. Las Vegas, I believe, has been changed forever. Like other large cities, Las Vegas has become more angry, distrustful, and obnoxious. The homeless population is way up from what is was when I left there. The entire Strip smells like pot these days. Service in the casino/hotels is a thing of the past. 

On my last trip, it finally hit me that it was not being in Las Vegas that brought me the most joy. It was the 1,100 trip from western Oklahoma to Nevada that gave me joy. I love to travel. So, I have now rented an apartment in Weatherford. I am saving every penny I can and making plans for my future while catching up on things and doing things I let slide while trying to make a better life elsewhere. Someday I hope to return to Nevada, but maybe just to visit. Meanwhile, after 13 years of retirement I am considering trying to return to the trucking industry to feed my travel bug.


Friday, September 30, 2022

Learning The Lifestyle

Dry camping is a learning experience. I am finally setting still and charging my Jackerys’ instead of charging them from my truck battery while rolling. I find it very relaxing sitting in the shade with a cool breeze. Next time I will set my Inverter 50+ feet away and pick my guitar, or nap😜 Life is good.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Fort Cobb, Ok.


Yeah, it needs to be edited. I will start editing my videos when I can more easily and conveniently set down to work on my laptop.

And, what else did I learn today?

Re: State Parks -  Do my research before I go. And yes, I found the park  

Sunday, September 25, 2022

West Coast Blahs


As per my last blog, I did not have a successful meeting and I decided to move on. I left Las Vegas around 13:00 Friday afternoon and arrived in Sayre, Ok. around 17:00 Saturday. I did my best to not be in a hurry, but my trucker blood was flowing. When I have someplace to go I usually run until I’m done.

I was able to take it easy today once I got to Weatherford. But, tomorrow I plan to get my mail at Kay’s house, move my hhg from Clinton to Weatherford for storage. I will then get a post office box and try to register to vote. Then, I am free to do whatever comes to my mind. 

Some readers may think I wasted a lot of money on failed trips trying to move back to Nevada. And, maybe the first three trips were a waste. But, the fourth trip opened my eyes to what Democrat policies have done to the entire WEST COAST. And, the fifth trip solidified what I had learned. I came back here to be where there is still a lot of COMMON SENSE. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Quality of Life

A view from a country folk oriented casino, South Point Casino.


Today, I will have my last meeting with someone in the Las Vegas Valley as I try to find a place to live until an apartment becomes available for me in Boulder City, NV. If it works for me I can try to stay and live here. If it does not work out I will probably start a boon-docking trip back to the sanctity and security of conservative Oklahoma.

At this point I have to ask myself where I  will have the best quality of life. Here are my choices: 

1.) An apartment in Boulder City, NV.

2.) An apartment in Weatherford, Ok. 

3.) Living in my van. 

1.) Hands down, IF I CAN AFFORD IT, I would like #1 the best for VA Health Care, weather, things to do, opportunities to travel where I want to travel.

2.) Second choice is Weatherford, Ok. Weatherford is one of the fastest growing towns in America. It is still small, conservative, and safe. Drawback: I have not had health care to my liking through the Oklahoma VA. And, I do not like Oklahoma winters. 

3.) If I could afford a bigger van or small RV and afford to travel this would be my #1 Choice. But. my van is too small to carry a bed, have any kind of kitchen, a toilet and shower, my clothes, my camera equipment, music equipment, and computer equipment. And it is old enough so that breakdowns are inevitable. But, I am living in my van and it is challenging but still fun.


Friday, September 9, 2022

Rock Bottom Or Heaven’s Gate

Well, because I am a little picky about where I live,  it looks like I have made it to living a van life. There has been no movement toward me getting an apartment in Weatherford, OK. I am still #3 in Weatherford. It is the same where I have been waiting for coming up to five years for an apartment in Boulder City, NV. I am still debating ever living in Southern Nevada again. I was packed and ready to head that way this morning but Common Sense kicked my butt. So, I did some Craigslist research. It looks like California has moved to Nevada. Prices are way out of my league. 

I started this blog sitting in the laundromat in Weatherford. My laundry is done. I have been looking at going to OKC tonight but ,,,,,,,,,,,. I’m thinking I need to go somewhere to see something I have never seen. Southeast of Amarillo there is a canyon I have never seen. Further south is the Big Bend Country of Texas. But, northwest is Santa Fe. I have been thru there a couple of times in a truck, but never stopped to see the town. But, here I now sit at the Ole’ Fishin’ Hole in Weatherford, OK. I am just relaxing and enjoying a beer. 

I bought my van in April of 2019 for two reasons: 1) A hedge against a socialist government. 2) I was a bit more than curious about living a van life. Now, I get to prove to myself that I can lead this life that is most definitely not for everyone. If I fail, I fail.

 I am happy for the chance. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Busting Tail All Day

This day has been so long I’m having a hard time remembering what all I have done. I guess I am just tired. At 08:30 this morning I retrieved my van from the body shop. I now have a “new-to-me” drivers side rear door. The rear passenger door latch was repaired, but it is not perfect. I believe I will have to work on it soon. The trim that was damaged when I was rear-ended on June 16 was removed. My van ain’t pretty now, but it works. I will have more work done soon. I am re-thinking a paint job to a new color (black) as I was told it would cost about $5000. The van is now blue with a white rear door. To paint that rear door blue will cost $400. I like the blue. 

Once I had my van I spent most of the day working in the hot sun at my storage unit. I am getting my van ready for some boon-docking. I had to make 3 trips between my storage and my sister’s house to get out of the sun. And, I still have lots of work to do. So, I am typing this on my phone as I am stretched out on my bed and about to call it quits for the day. GN. 


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Going Nomad

Four failed trips to try to move to southern Nevada sine February of 2021. That is four trips in just less than 18 months. I have been trying to return to Nevada for the following reasons: 1) to continue my photography work. 2) I get better health care through the VA in Nevada. 3) I like living in the desert. For now my plans for a life in the desert are temporarily on hold.

Tomorrow my van goes into the shop to take care of some of the repairs caused when I was rear-ended on June 16, 2022. On Tuesday I go to see my primary care doctor at the Clinton, Ok. VA Clinic. By Wednesday morning I plan to be living in my van. Yep, I plan to go nomad very soon.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Meal Time

I went to the VA HOSPITAL this morning to make sure my records have been shipped here, an to refill my prescriptions.

For my first food, other than Cheeto’s, in 3 days I had a slice of Pizza at Boulder Station Casino. Yeah, I finally made it back to Nevada, but I turned down the offer for a place to live. My legs do not handle stairs very well.

Tomorrow I will fix the electrical connections on my van so that I can pull a trailer. On Sunday I will drive to Bullhead City, AZ. to get my hugs that I have had stored down there for almost a year. 

Monday I start hunting a place to live, or maybe I will just begin a van life. 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

City View Trail, Henderson, NV.

On May 20, 2017,  City View Trail was my first nature walk in the Las Vegas Valley. It was the beginning of what became an obsession I developed with photographing parks and trails. And, it almost killed me. Well, it certainly made me think I was going to pass out from exhaustion and dehydration. It is now on private property and closed to the public, and several reviews state that the locals are very rude and they will call the cops. There were no signs declaring it to be private property when I was there.

This bench is at the halfway point and might be why I am still alive today. I was winded by the time I reached it, but dummy me had to keep going. For younger folks with little or no health problems, this is not that hard of a climb. But, for a fat-butted retired truck driver with a recent quadruple heart bypass, it can be a killer. But, I rested here for a few moments, took a few photos, and climbed to the top.

The pile of rocks at the top was, I think, places there by others before me that made it to the top. Reviews show that lots of people have returned several times. Me, although I would like to boast that I have returned, I have not done so. There are lots of hills, mountains, valleys, and streams to cross in the Las Vegas Valley. And, I did not follow the same path down that I came on. I followed a much less used path down the back side of the hill. I was elated that I was still alive when I reached the bottom. 

More photos of this climb can be viewed and purchased from the Better World Media website. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Life Goes On

Me in 2009 at 287 pounds.


Someday I will return to Las Vegas, hopefully, to live, but after experiencing what goes on in that city during a panic like the Plandemic caused I think I am better off in a red state. I plan to do basically the same kind of photography in Oklahoma and the surrounding states as I was doing in Nevada, but I also plan to do more industrial work, like trucking photography. And, of course, I hope to start playing my music again. And, I would like to get back to driving a truck to make a living. 

Me today at about 220 pounds.

I am feeling better about myself than I was just a couple of days ago when I still had no idea about what to do about my financial situation. You may think I am nuts, but by mid-October, I will be on the road to boondock as a way of life. And, I still need to make a trip to Bullhead City, Arizona to get my belongings that are in storage out there. I have plans and dreams. It is time for me to do something with my plans. It is time for me to chase my dreams. I am again putting a hold on my GoFundMe site, at least until another incident puts me deeper into the crapper. I am putting all of my troubles in God's hands. He is a lot better at managing my life than I am. And, yes, I hope to be making a living driving a truck by October.

Me at 18 and 157 pounds.


Saturday, July 9, 2022

Bouncing Back and Starting Over - Update

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In the past week, I have made four unanswered calls to the insurance company handling the claim on my van which was hit from behind on June 16th, 2022. On Monday I will try again. Also, I will talk to my banker about what I should be doing. Next Tuesday (July 12) I will have a vision appointment in Mustang, Oklahoma. Hopefully, that will put me one step closer to getting my CDL-A back. But, I have 4 or 5 other medical tests to go thru before I can take a DOT physical.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Premium Stock vs Micro-Stock

The Adobe Stock agency is a Microstock agency. The pay is low per image sold or leased. I plan to now try to start posting to a Premium stock agency where the pay is much higher, but the acceptance requirements are much more stringent. I believe my photography belongs on a Premium Stock site. My future transportation and travel will be posted on the Premium Stock site.

Microstock agencies accept amateur photos and have a lower entry barrier. While the price they pay per image is quite low, it’s important to notice that most buyers are working with these platforms. Examples of microstock agencies include iStock, Dreamstime, and Adobe Stock.

Premium stock agencies demand higher qualifications and therefore it’s not as easy to sell your images from there. However, the payout for the photos is usually much higher than microstock. One of the most popular premium stock agencies is Getty Images.


Friday, July 1, 2022

Good Mornin' - by Keith Birmingham

"Good Mornin'"
An original tune written and performed by Keith Birmingham.
Please listen to this song and let me know what you think. I wrote it and close to 100 more several years ago. But, I got too involved with my photography work to try to market my songs or myself as a musician. I have not played in front of an audience since I was 17 and playing bass with a working band out in California. When I quit that band we were negotiating with Janis Joplin to front her and Big Brother and the Holding Company on her upcoming tour. Anyway, I am 73 years old, but when I listen to some of my stuff I start thinking that I am as good or better at singing as at least 80% of what I see and hear from the amateurs on my Facebook music groups. I would like to use my original songs and cover songs to perform when I go on the road. Should I try it? Please let me know.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Retirement Is Not For The Lazy


Through 35 years of trucking, and especially through the last 20 years of it, I stayed so busy working that I never had time to think about what I would do in retirement. I felt lucky just to be able to take a few days off from work, and that did not happen very often. I can remember years that, even after cheating on logs, I still logged less than a dozen days of recreational downtime in a year. It never entered my mind that I would one day be forced off of the road due to health reasons and that I would one day tell myself that I have no desire to climb back into a truck. But, it happened.

Well, actually, it was a little more than 14 or 15 years ago that I started thinking that I may someday want to quit trucking, but I never had the idea to retire. But, health issues got in my way, and I found myself applying for a Social Security Disability pension. And now, well, I have been unemployed for the past 12 years. I relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada. This put me in a place where there is always something going on, something that interests me. In my opinion, in Las Vegas the exposure in arts is great, but it is not the best place to make money while getting the exposure.

Retirement, for me, has not been days filled with watching television. I have worked hard to improve my health. I eat better than I have ever eaten in my life. I sleep better than I have ever slept in my life. My only health issues are those that linger from my original problems. I will have those problems for the rest of my life. Instead of accepting retirement I purchased some photography equipment and began working on a lifelong fantasy, a freelance photography business. I have made a few sales with my photography, but for now I am concentrating on building and organizing my new catalog. I say “new catalog” because of a computer glitch that cost me 140,000+ images just over 4 years ago. Bad stuff happens, but I refuse to give up. And, I really believe I am making good headway. I just need to finish some projects and get organized enough to advertise my business, Better World Media.

I have also re-started a long-forgotten interest in music. I have now written around 100 songs, and sing and play the guitar. I hope to travel with the money I make with my photography and music. My income from Social Security and a disability pension is enough to meet my needs. Any income I can make from music and photography will be spent to meet my travel expenses, replace equipment as needed, and help others that are less fortunate than myself

I hope to soon begin advertising and marketing my work, but for now, it is important that I rebuild the catalog I lost over 4 years ago.

I have narrowed my list of photographic subjects down to 2 specialties plus stock photography work. I shoot “Event, Travel, and Stock Photography”.

This blog, Better World Media is my photography blog. Currently, I am filling this blog with articles from authors and photographers, tips, and other items on anything to do with the photo industry. I also have an online retail studio, Better World Media, to showcase and sell my photography. In the future, it will become more focused on “Event and Travel” photography.


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Bouncing Back and Starting Over



I don’t know. My name is Keith Birmingham. I am 73 years old. I was an over-the-road trucker for 35 years. Trucking is a profession that constantly puts you in positions where you must be self-sufficient because there is no one around to help when you need it. Now, 12 years after retirement for medical reasons and exhaustion, I need help.

What will the money be used for?
I hope to raise $2000 to $2,500 thru this fundraiser. It will cost $280 to rent a U-haul trailer to tow what I have in Oklahoma out to Boulder City, NV. I will then need to drop back down to Bullhead City, AZ. to get my household goods out of storage there. That is if I get a call from the Boulder City, Nevada senior apartment complex. I have been on their waiting list for an apartment for a total of over 4 years now. If I can raise enough money by the time they call I will pack what I have in my van and head west. I may have two other options if I do not get the call from Boulder City, NV. (1.) My son may soon be moving to Phoenix, AZ. Since I am currently staying at his residence, that will leave me homeless in Oklahoma. There is a possibility that I will go there with him to wait for a call from Boulder City, NV. But, (2.) if push comes to shove, I will find a place in Oklahoma to live. I will need a place soon.

There will be other moving expenses that can only be estimated, such as gas ($500), food ($100), and lodging ($300) while traveling. I will need to pay a deposit ($535) on my new apartment. And, I will probably need to pay utility hookup fees. That will leave about $500 to $700 for surprise fees that no one counts on while moving.

So, what has happened to put me in this situation?
In Nov. of 2019, I was on a waiting list in Boulder City, NV. for an apartment in a low-income, senior citizen apartment complex. Of course, a week after I returned to Oklahoma I got the call from Boulder City. I turned down the apartment. I moved back from Las Vegas to care for an ailing sister who passed away on October 17, 2020. At that time I called the Boulder City complex and got back on their waiting list. I tried to move back to Nevada to find a place to live while waiting for Boulder City to call me again. Basically, due to the pandemic Las Vegas housing is in chaos, and after 3 failed attempts to move back to Nevada, I am homeless, either living in my van or bouncing around between relatives to have a place to stay. This needs to end ASAP.

And, on my 73rd birthday, January 22, 2022, the motor blew up in my only transportation, a 2002 Ford E-150 van, It wound up costing over $7,000 to put a new motor in it. Because I really had no other options I now owe $10,272 dollars on a 20-year-old van. But, And, it took around 3 months to get it done. I do have transportation. And, while working on that, on February 19th I had an operation on my (retina) left eye. I am still in the final stages of recovery from the operation. And, I hope finally, my van was severely damaged on June 16th when I was rear

This GoFundMe is actually a continuation of a mostly failed GoFundMe from back in February of this year. I believe the reason it failed was mostly my fault in that I did not take the time to learn what to do or how to work with it, and everything about my situation was in turmoil. And, because of the things that have happened in my life since January 22, 2022, I am still in a predicament. However, thanks to a total of $540 donated to me by friends and relatives thru my first GoFundMe, I was at least able to keep going and try to figure things out. Now, I want to try again.

Back to Work
My eye doctor has partially released me to go back to work. I believe my final appointment at the eye clinic is in early August. However, I am now going through the Veterans Administration to get a vision test and new glasses. That is supposed to happen in the next two weeks. Once that is done I plan to try to get my CDL-A back and try to return to driving a truck. That will put a roof over my head and pay the bills that I have accumulated since January. My Soc. Sec. check has been sufficient to pay my way for the past 12 years and should still be good enough if I cannot return to the trucking industry. However, I hope to find other employment if I am unable to get my CDL back for medical reasons.
Illustration of helping hands

Give $20 and be a founding donor

Your donation is the start of Keith Birmingham's journey to success. Your early support inspires others to donate.

Make a donation

Wednesday, June 1, 2022


This is the lady I slept with when I retired 12 years ago 


My problem, after spending $7000 on a new motor for my van last month and about $450 on van repairs not covered by the warranty on my new motor, - I am flat broke. I will start my van-life with no money for fuel to get anywhere and just a few days of food available for the entire month of June.   

What I hope to do is leave my 12-year retirement and return to work as an OTR trucker. Yes, the odds are against me, but I am tired of living in the poverty that my Social Security provides. Passing a DOT physical is just the first test. Because of former health issues, I will probably be forced to take a stress test and a sleep apnea test.

If I can survive the month of July I can start slowly moving westward toward Nevada while working with my original van-life plans which are written about elsewhere in this blog. And, I can try to find a western regional truck line to work for. Or, I can search for a driving job out of OKC and do my photography work around Oklahoma and Texas.

To cut this blog post short I will now ask readers if you can use your CASH APP to send a helping hand. Please, click on my CashTag and help me out. Thanks. 

CashTag: $VanManHKB


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What Else Can I Do


What I  am looking at now is staying in Oklahoma until the seniors' apartment complex in Boulder City calls me. In about a month, my eye will heal enough for new glasses. Once I get them I can try to get my CDL Class A license again and get back on the road. If that fails I may just stay in Oklahoma The problem now is that I am low on funds and have no place to live in Oklahoma either except for my van. But, that may be where I have always been headed anyway..

In 2 months I will have what I hope is my last appointment with my eye doctor, I hope. I will then go thru the VA to get an eye exam and new glasses. I will then, try to find a place to get a DOT physical that will not require me to have a sleep apnea test and a stress test. If they all demand those tests I will try to find financial help through rehab to get them. Once that is done I will try to find myself a west coast run out of OKC, and/or apply to companies with west coast regional runs. I have no desire to run west of the I-35 corridor.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

It Is Almost That Time


Should I stay or should I go? I have two choices, but I must decide soon. My easy choice is to stay in Oklahoma. But, if I do this I still would need to make the trip to Bullhead City, AZ. to retrieve the stuff that was left in storage out there.  I can do this safely as long as I have no problems on the trip. But, I have been struggling to save up enough money to head back to Nevada. I now have enough money to get me there, but it will be a few more weeks before I can safely go with no worries about money. The problem with it all is that I fear that if I do not go soon I stand to lose everything that I have had to leave in storage in Bullhead City, AZ. when I came back to Oklahoma.

My preference is to return to Nevada to stay. My hopes, my plans, and my dreams are all in Nevada. But, if my Boulder City, Nevada apartment complex does not call soon I will be depending strongly on the VA programs that are available in the Las Vegas Valley. And, a lot will depend on whether or not I can go back to work driving a truck.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Donate Thru CashApp

I have spoken with a couple of people today that have run successful fundraisers thru GoFundMe. They both think that I should leave my fundraiser up and running and try to find the key to making it successful. They say that fundraising is often a fickle thing where you never know when or what it takes to turn things around and head for success. So, I have decided to leave it up for now and try to find the time to work with it. Please understand that I am also very busy trying to find a way to solve my problems without a fundraiser. I will keep trying to do this as I work to make the fundraiser a success.
You can support my future efforts by visiting my blog at and clicking on my $CASHTAG in the right-hand column. If you cannot donate to my cause just drop a note to say HELLO.
THANK YOU for your help and confidence in me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Eye Surgery Update


My eye surgery went well today, but I think I will have to wear patch a patch for a week, maybe two. They said my vision won’t clear up enough for a vision test for 2 months or more. That puts a damper on trying to get a new CDL and finding a trucking job. But, I will try to get a bead on whether I will even have a chance for a trucking job. 

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Bouncing Back


“Bouncing Back and Starting Over” will be the replacement title for my fundraiser. “Happy Birthday to Me - Not So Much”, evidently was not a good campaign title or story for a fundraiser. I still have problems that stem from the same issues, but next week I will make the decision on whether to replace my van or rebuild it.

Choice #1.) Most people have told me to find a cheap replacement, keep my payments low, and pray. 

Choice #2.) Another choice is to borrow another $6k and put a new motor in the van. This will more than double what I owe and extend the loan contract by over a year. 

Choice #3.) And the one I am leaning toward tonight, is to find a cheap replacement vehicle, find a place to store my van, come out of retirement and find a trucking job, pay off my transportation debt, and rebuild my van.

More to come. 

Monday, March 7, 2022

Happy Birthday to Me - Not So Much

My plan is to delete my current fundraiser soon. But, I also plan to replace it with a new donor/subscriber program that I will use to show donors/subscribers how the money from the first fundraiser is being spent to better my life. 

A lot of life changes have developed since I blew the engine in my van last month. And, while nothing is settled on my transportation problem as of yet, I at least have permission for a bank loan if I choose to go that way. I am now trying to look at all my alternatives.

Meanwhile, this will have to be the closing post regarding my initial fundraiser. I will delete it soon. I never had the proper time to work with this fundraiser, and it did rather poorly. But, I want to thank those who did donate their hard-earned money to me. Rest assured that your money will go toward transportation for me.

Because of my work in photography and my love of travel I do not want to lose my van. But, owing $10k on a 20 year old van is not the most comfortable thought. But,I am looking into coming out of retirement to be able to completely restore and rebuild my van.

Ok, below are links to my primary websites for the work I do in photography. 

My Primary Websites:



Adobe Stock:

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Two Posts In One


Regarding my fundraiser:


In 1978 I lost it all in my first divorce. I was a drunkard winding my way down a road that would take me through Hell. I lost two children that may never be regained. But, I survived with a very big scar in my heart.

In September of 1995 I lost almost everything in my second divorce and became a single dad. But, I kept two boys. This responsibility most likely saved my life.

Twenty years ago I had a quadruple bypass heart surgery. The Doctors said I would be off work for about 6 months. I went back to work after 6 weeks. Twelve years ago I lost almost all I had earned through a forced retirement due to continued health problems that brought on total exhaustion.

In April of 2019 I bought a van in anticipation of hard times to come. I wanted a roof over my head when hard times did come. Last month, on my 73rd birthday, the motor blew up in my van. I have been in negotiations with my bank since then to figure out what to do with this van. Without transportation I will lose it all, again.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Change Is Coming

Jackery 240

I spent much of the day trying to get in touch with my banker by phone. It was after 02:00pm before I found out that he will not be in until Thursday. I spent part of this day talking to the shop that will be putting a new motor in my van. I also called the towing company and rescheduled the tow for Thursday. And, finally, I called my son and told him he has until Thursday morning to find me a better deal on a car. 




Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Complete List of CB 10 codes

The Original Author Is Unknown. If I can find the original article I will include the author's name in this article. I copied this article, probably, 10+ years ago off of somewhere on the internet. If I knew the author I would gladly give him/her credit for his/her work. But, there are tons of these lists. Just google them. But, in today's media it sounds like people are starting to buy more and more (cb) citizens band radios. So, I thought this might help some people who are new to the airwaves. 


The Complete List of CB 10 codes

10-1 Receiving Poorly

10-2 Receiving Well

10-3 Stop Transmitting

10-4 Ok, Message Received

10-5 Relay Message

10-6 Busy, Stand By

10-7 Out of Service, Leaving Air

10-8 In Service, subject to call

10-9 Repeat Message

10-10 Transmission Completed, Standing By

10-11 Talking too Rapidly

10-12 Visitors Present

10-13 Advise weather/road conditions

10-16 Make Pickup at...

10-17 Urgent Business

10-18 Anything for us?

10-19 Nothing for you, return to base

10-20 My Location is ......... or What's your Location?

10-21 Call by Telephone

10-22 Report in Person to _____

10-23 Stand by

10-24 Completed last assignment

10-25 Can you Contact ______

10-26 Disregard Last Information/Cancel Last Message/Ignore

10-27 I am moving to Channel ___

10-28 Identify your station

10-29 Time is up for contact

10-30 Does not conform to FCC Rules

10-32 I will give you a radio check

10-33 Emergency Traffic at this station

10-34 Trouble at this station, help needed

10-35 Confidential Information

10-36 Correct Time is _____

10-38 Ambulance needed at _____

10-39 Your message delivered

10-41 Please tune to channel ___

10-42 Traffic Accident at _____

10-43 Traffic tie-up at _____

10-44 I have a message for you (or ____)

10-45 All units within range please report

10-50 Break Channel

10-62 Unable to copy, use phone

10-62sl unable to copy on AM, use Sideband Lower (not an official code)

10-62su unable to copy on AM, use Sideband Upper (not an official code)

10-65 Awaiting your next message/assignment

10-67 All units comply

10-70 Fire at _____

10-73 Speed Trap at _____

10-75 You are causing interference

10-77 Negative Contact

10-84 My telephone number is ____

10-85 My address is _____

10-91 Talk closer to the Mike

10-92 Your transmitter is out of adjustment

10-93 Check my frequency on this channel

10-94 Please give me a long count

10-95 Transmit dead carrier for 5 sec.

10-99 Mission completed, all units secure

10-100 Need to go to Bathroom

10-200 Police needed at _____

10 codes originated in the USA and are CB radio lingo mostly used in English-speaking countries. However, no matter which codes are used in your country, be aware that there are local dialects in every urban area and region. You have to listen to others to learn the phrases and codes in your area. And not everyone knows or uses 10-codes, so be prepared for some people to not understand you.

Be aware that the use of codes specifically to obscure the meaning of a transmission is probably illegal in most countries. The difference is these codes are well known and make communications shorter or more efficient and are normally allowed.



Wednesday, February 16, 2022

"Missing You" by Keith Birmingham

"Missing You", by Keith Birmingham
"Missing You" is a song I wrote in 2013 and did nothing with until I recorded it in 2016, and still have not found time to learn how to market the tune. Sometimes, but very seldom, I will post some of my music on Facebook and Twitter, but that is all of the marketing time I have.

Please take a few minutes to listen to this song. I would like to know if the lyrics are good enough to try to market to a professional singer or a publishing house. I have written about 100 songs. I think that at least 20 of them are good enough for working professionals to use. And, although I cannot brag about my singing I will say that I think I sing better than a lot of the would-be singers on the internet.


Sunday, February 13, 2022

On The Road Again, Maybe

First off, I want to say thanks to those who have donated to my GoFundMe. I plan to keep it going even though it is not nearly as active as I hoped it would be. But, in this economy, I guess it is par for the course.

Maybe I am finally getting things straight in my mind. I am thinking I will talk to my banker again soon, but I am leaning toward selling my beloved van. I may not even buy a car for a while. I am a much happier person when I am debt-free. What I do keep thinking about, even long before my van broke down, is trying to get my CDL back. Five years before I retired due to medical issues I remember my mindset was that I would be on the road until I died. The only hangup I will face is the medical cost for a stress test and sleep apnea test that I may have. It would be cost-prohibitive if I am required to take these two tests every three to six months. I do not think I will have any problem passing a regular DOT physical.

I will know a little more by the middle of next week, Meantime, I will contact my last employer to see if they may give me a pass on their requirement for driving in the last 18 months. I did work for them for my last 5 years of trucking averaging 165k miles per year.