Monday, June 10, 2019

OKCNMM and Myriad Botanical Gardens

When the sun came up this morning I was at the East Wall of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. I have been to this memorial a few times, but the photos files from those trips were lost 5 years ago to a computer glitch. This morning I was disappointed that the West Wall did not turn to a golden color when the sun was first hitting it. My previous trips were all late afternoon or early evening and the East Wall had a golden glow that helped to set a reflective mood. As of now, I plan to return to the memorial in a couple of hours to see if I can recapture those colors.

I also photographed in the Myriad Gardens this morning. My previous files of this park were also lost five years ago. The Myriad Gardens has been completely revamped since I was there, and they were working on even more features while I was there.

Myriad Botanical Gardens

Saturday, June 8, 2019


Jackery 240 Portable Power Station
All I am doing these days is planning, packing, testing, and researching. Basically, other than a power source I am ready to start my new life of living in a van.

I can say this with certainty: If I am enjoying this adventure I will try to upgrade to a small RV. If I do not like full-time van-life I will either do it part-time or not at all. At this moment I am very hopeful and anxious to get started. 

It is my plan to spend the next 2 years living in my van and doing my bucket list. There are 3 items that are a priority on this list, the Hornet, the Midway, and the WDC memorials. After that, I will visit and photograph every national and state park, preserve, trail, memorial, and museum I can along the way. There will be a page on this blog that will include my itinerary. 

Here We Go

A few days after my last post, "Life Is But A Journey" I left Oklahoma to return to Las Vegas. Tomorrow morning I will leave Las Vegas to return to Oklahoma. Once there I plan to put my belongings in storage and move into my van.

The adventure/disaster has begun. You can follow my journey via my Better World Media Facebook page, my Better World Media blog and judge for yourself which one it is. Don’t forget to check for new galleries periodically on my BWM photography studio website. I specialize in travel and event photography.

Although I will be speaking with the manager of an apartment complex where I plan to someday live in Oklahoma I do not think I will be getting one at this time.

Homeless? Not really. I am planning to put 99% of my belongings into storage and live on the road in my van while working with my photography and (maybe) doing a little busking. This should be quiet an experience since my van is not yet equipped to live in. But, there will be a bed for sleeping. I will have some clothes with me. I will have my camera gear with me. I will have my computer equipment with me. And, I will have Jessie (my guitar) with me. And, I will stay close to my storage unit for at least a few days so that I can go back and get what I need to keep with me to stay alive.

And, guess what. Although I do have some long-term goals I have made very few short-term plans beyond visiting friends and family. Other than that, I have a bucket list and plans to visit places that I drove past as an over-the-road trucker for 35 years. So, this should be interesting.