Sunday, November 12, 2017

Madeira Canyon Park

City of Henderson Park

2390 Democracy Dr., Henderson, NV 89015
Cross Streets: Canyon Retreat and Democracy Drive
Size: 20 Acre(s)
Amenities Include:

Tot Lot
Jogging and Walking Paths
2 Basketball Courts
2 Baseball/Softball Fields
Picnic Areas
Open Space
4 Tennis Courts


Well I have made 2 trips to Madeira Canyon Park. My first trip was four days ago in the late evening to take photographic advantage of the evening light. My second trip was to take advantage of the early morning light. That was this morning. Madeira Canyon Park is a beautiful city park located at the south edge of the Las Vegas Valley as you are climbing the South McCullough Mountain Range. This is one of the newer residential areas of the city of Henderson, and is near the Henderson Executive Airport.

There are currently 17 photos posted of this park here. Real Estate agents in the area are using my city park photos to help sell homes in the area. Prints and/or downloads and gifts are available.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thoughts of Nevada and Oklahoma

The following graphic was just messaged to me from a lady from my home town, Dill City, Oklahoma.

(Click photo to enlarge.)

I have just gotten back from a short walk with thoughts about what I should be doing next. But, it doesn't really take much thought. If I have a dollar to travel on I will go somewhere. But, other than that there are two places that are most important to me, Nevada and Oklahoma. I will never in my life be able to see all I want to see of these two places.

The bright lights of Las Vegas and Reno beckon gamblers from around the world. To me the best light show comes from ½ hour before sundown to ½ hour after sundown, and from pre-dawn to about ½ an hour after sunrise. But, it’s the desert that beckons me, and the mountains, and the trails I love to walk. I’ve seen wild horses grazing at the edge of a lake. I’ve set in a city park at sunrise and watched coyote puppies following their mom across an open field at the edge of a busy airport. But, the road trips are what I love. As a 35-year trucker it was the drives through sparsely populated country that was my favorite drives of all, like Hwy #95 that runs north out of Las Vegas on a 450-mile trip that finals out in Reno. That drive soothes the soul. Or, take a trip up or down Hwy #93. And drive across State Route #375 (the UFO Highway) and maybe you will spot a UFO. But, when you take a hike on any of the trails keep an eye out for rattlesnakes. And always, always, always keep plenty of water with you.

The one thing I can positively say about Oklahoma is that it is in my blood. I could not wait to get away from Oklahoma seven months ago. Today, I miss family and friends from Oklahoma, and I miss the farms, the creeks, and the lakes. But, what I really find that I miss right now is the solitude of living by myself, and knowing that all I have to do is walk out of my house to end the solitude. The only thing I can say about the people of Oklahoma is that they are what everybody should be like. They are the best.

I am an Okie, but I am also a nomad. So, I will travel, and maybe make a side trip to Oklahoma.