Sunday, January 24, 2021

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Myriad Botanical Gardens, OKC.

Every citizen living in Oklahoma City lives within 6 blocks of a community maintained park and/or trail. The city has over 90 miles of trails for your enjoyment.


If I do not change my mind by this coming Thursday I will give my landlady a 30-day notice to vacate my apartment. I am still considering my options on what to do and where to go. Many things will control my final choice. My #1 choice is back to NV. I may have a place to stay when I get there, but I'm sure I can find a place if I choose to look. But, I may throw my belongings in storage and live in my van for a while. Or, if it looks like the economy is going south I may decide to just put my stuff in storage in OKC and boon-dock out of Oklahoma.

I was in OKC earlier today visiting my son. I was debating on whether to spend money on boondocking gear today, but I am trying to talk myself into waiting to see what happens. That gear will always be available, but I may need that money for something else before that. Either way, by mid-March I should be fine with or without the gear.

 If I stay in Oklahoma much of my time will be spent in Oklahoma City shooting local parks, preserves, trails, memorials, monuments, and museums there, but I will also travel around the state, and maybe Texas, to do my work. But, I already have 4 years of work wrapped up in Las Vegas. For that reason, I think I should try to base myself out of Las Vegas at least long enough to finish that job.


Monday, January 11, 2021

Shooting Stock - A Bit of What to Expect

Putting your photography work on stock agency sites will probably never become your primary source of income. But, it should be considered a viable source for creating "some" income. And, you will have more chance of creating that income as long as you keep adding photos to your stock agency. But, you still need to conduct your business in a way that gets those who lease or purchase your photos to come back for more. Like almost all businesses, photography is a business that needs repeat clients to survive. 

I know that I will need to add a few thousand more photos to start showing a useful income from my stock photography. I currently have around 800 photos on my Adobe Stock site. Most of these are photos of community parks in the Las Vegas Valley. My target market for these is rather small, and I am surprised every time I sign on and another purchase of my work has been made. I plan to use them to help me create a "stay local" market using another specialty.

Currently, I hope to spend a couple of years traveling to photograph parks, preserves, trails, memorials, monuments, and museums all over America. This is my bucket list work. But, I know that someday I will want to do far less traveling.m my work. I also have around 100 photo nature photos on my Alamy Stock site. And, yes, I know that both sites are going to need several thousand more photos on each site to really start showing an income. However, like most people, I like to eat. So, I need to produce an income. That is why I am preparing to go "old school" with my marketing program. It is my opinion that although the internet is a great tool for marketing your work it does lack the feeling that personal contact can give your business.

One more piece of info for those who may be thinking of adding their work to stock agency sites. The amount of time you spend doing this will be your biggest challenge. It is why most photographers give up shooting stock.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Cornerstone Park, Henderson, NV.


Cornerstone Park, - take your pick. Lots of available activities. Run or walk around the lake. Cornerstone Park has walking trails that include connections to the Pittman Wash Trail and Union Pacific Railroad trails. Slow down and photograph the abundant wildlife. A great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of The Strip, Fremont Street, and city life. Have a picnic.

Cornerstone Park has been a popular destination for Henderson residents since 2012. Funded by the Bureau of Land Management. Abundant part time resident wildlife includes the following birds: American avocets, great egret, black-necked stilt, long-billed curlew, ring-billed gull. Resident bird species include: pied-billed grebe, double-crested cormorant, Canada geese, snow geese, mallard, American coot, great blue heron, green heron, killdeer, Anna’s humming bird, Costa’s hummingbird, black phoebe, Say’s phoebe, cliff swallow, yellow-headed blackbird, and great-tailed grackle.

Amenities: pavilions, warming kitchens, restrooms, 100 acres, lighted volleyball courts, corporate plaza area, open grass areas, covered picnic areas, picnic tables, lighted basketball courts, 31-acre lake, covered picnic areas, walking trails, exercise stairs,