Friday, September 30, 2022

Learning The Lifestyle

Dry camping is a learning experience. I am finally setting still and charging my Jackerys’ instead of charging them from my truck battery while rolling. I find it very relaxing sitting in the shade with a cool breeze. Next time I will set my Inverter 50+ feet away and pick my guitar, or nap😜 Life is good.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Fort Cobb, Ok.


Yeah, it needs to be edited. I will start editing my videos when I can more easily and conveniently set down to work on my laptop.

And, what else did I learn today?

Re: State Parks -  Do my research before I go. And yes, I found the park  

Sunday, September 25, 2022

West Coast Blahs


As per my last blog, I did not have a successful meeting and I decided to move on. I left Las Vegas around 13:00 Friday afternoon and arrived in Sayre, Ok. around 17:00 Saturday. I did my best to not be in a hurry, but my trucker blood was flowing. When I have someplace to go I usually run until I’m done.

I was able to take it easy today once I got to Weatherford. But, tomorrow I plan to get my mail at Kay’s house, move my hhg from Clinton to Weatherford for storage. I will then get a post office box and try to register to vote. Then, I am free to do whatever comes to my mind. 

Some readers may think I wasted a lot of money on failed trips trying to move back to Nevada. And, maybe the first three trips were a waste. But, the fourth trip opened my eyes to what Democrat policies have done to the entire WEST COAST. And, the fifth trip solidified what I had learned. I came back here to be where there is still a lot of COMMON SENSE. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Quality of Life

A view from a country folk oriented casino, South Point Casino.


Today, I will have my last meeting with someone in the Las Vegas Valley as I try to find a place to live until an apartment becomes available for me in Boulder City, NV. If it works for me I can try to stay and live here. If it does not work out I will probably start a boon-docking trip back to the sanctity and security of conservative Oklahoma.

At this point I have to ask myself where I  will have the best quality of life. Here are my choices: 

1.) An apartment in Boulder City, NV.

2.) An apartment in Weatherford, Ok. 

3.) Living in my van. 

1.) Hands down, IF I CAN AFFORD IT, I would like #1 the best for VA Health Care, weather, things to do, opportunities to travel where I want to travel.

2.) Second choice is Weatherford, Ok. Weatherford is one of the fastest growing towns in America. It is still small, conservative, and safe. Drawback: I have not had health care to my liking through the Oklahoma VA. And, I do not like Oklahoma winters. 

3.) If I could afford a bigger van or small RV and afford to travel this would be my #1 Choice. But. my van is too small to carry a bed, have any kind of kitchen, a toilet and shower, my clothes, my camera equipment, music equipment, and computer equipment. And it is old enough so that breakdowns are inevitable. But, I am living in my van and it is challenging but still fun.


Friday, September 9, 2022

Rock Bottom Or Heaven’s Gate

Well, because I am a little picky about where I live,  it looks like I have made it to living a van life. There has been no movement toward me getting an apartment in Weatherford, OK. I am still #3 in Weatherford. It is the same where I have been waiting for coming up to five years for an apartment in Boulder City, NV. I am still debating ever living in Southern Nevada again. I was packed and ready to head that way this morning but Common Sense kicked my butt. So, I did some Craigslist research. It looks like California has moved to Nevada. Prices are way out of my league. 

I started this blog sitting in the laundromat in Weatherford. My laundry is done. I have been looking at going to OKC tonight but ,,,,,,,,,,,. I’m thinking I need to go somewhere to see something I have never seen. Southeast of Amarillo there is a canyon I have never seen. Further south is the Big Bend Country of Texas. But, northwest is Santa Fe. I have been thru there a couple of times in a truck, but never stopped to see the town. But, here I now sit at the Ole’ Fishin’ Hole in Weatherford, OK. I am just relaxing and enjoying a beer. 

I bought my van in April of 2019 for two reasons: 1) A hedge against a socialist government. 2) I was a bit more than curious about living a van life. Now, I get to prove to myself that I can lead this life that is most definitely not for everyone. If I fail, I fail.

 I am happy for the chance.