Thursday, December 31, 2020

Paseo Vista Park

Craig Ranch Regional Park

dogs on leash, wheelchair friendly, kid friendly, stroller friendly, birding, nature trips, trail running, walking, views, bugs,
170 acres, 65,000 square-foot skate park; four civic plazas; three dog parks; two lighted competition baseball fields; tennis, volleyball and basketball courts; community gardens, eight reservable ramadas; expansive open spaces,

Sunset Regional Park, L.V., NV.

This oasis in the desert offers something for everyone including tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, softball fields, a disc golf course, a dog park, walking and jogging trails, a lake where you can fish for free, with a fishing license, and plenty of open space.

The land for Sunset Park was acquired in 1967 and contains the last remaining dunes of what once covered most of Paradise Valley. Sunset Park was once home to early ranchers. The Paiute Indian Tribe inhabited the site a thousand years ago and greeted visitors who sought to trade seeds, nuts and turquoise. Water continues to flow under the park and surfaces to provide irrigation to the entire west end of Sunset Park.

Amenities: Picnic areas, 9 softball fields, 2 Little League fields, 8 basketball courts, 5 playgrounds, several miles of walk paths, fitness course, splash pad, disc golf course, dog park, pond, RC boat ramp, 7 sand volleyball courts, 8 tennis courts & restrooms.

Sunset Park Reservations Office hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Closed 

(702) 455-8200

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Sunridge Park, Henderson, NV.


Goals For The Future

My future goal is to find employers and sponsors to financially support my van life and RV travel by producing products in music, photography, travel, and writing to fit their needs.

Better World Media is the corporate name for a combination of 4 growing businesses in music, photography, travel, and writing.

The Music of BWM is in multiple genres due to the variety of audiences I encounter.  I plan to perform at senior centers during my travels. I perform cover tunes in the classic rock, blues, folk, classic country, gospel, patriot. Themes for my original tunes tend to deal with aging, travel, romance, trucking, work, and life itself.

My photography and journalism work is primarily produced for event and travel editorial work. My current specialty project is shooting community parks. I like to go the extra mile when shooting at events where photographers should not be noticed, such as street entertainment and open mic nights.

I write about travel because I travel to enable me to perform my music and photograph the places and cultures I visit.

Thursday, December 24, 2020



HBVP, Henderson, NV.:

350 E. Galleria Dr.
(at Moser Drive)
Henderson, NV.

Water Reclamation Facility, 140 acres, migratory, waterfowl, desert, desert birds, 9 ponds, birding, paved surface paths, soft surface paths, wheelchair accessible, walking paths, birds, wildlife, Pacific Migratory Flyway, temporary, gift shop, events, guided tours, educational programs,

HBVP History:

The City of Henderson offers 66 meticulously maintained parks for your enjoyment. In addition to open grass areas and playgrounds, features include walking courses, dog parks, skate parks, splash pads, and lighted sport areas. We're in your neighborhood.


Monday, December 7, 2020

Better World Media Returns and Rebuilds

My primary reason for rebuilding BWM: To make life more productive and more enjoyable.

Click photo to enlarge photo.

Three years ago my primary plans for a future life included photography, music, and travel. Somehow, music and travel became part of the background as most of my time was spent doing a major project shooting Las Vegas community parks. Just over a year ago I returned to Oklahoma to take care of some family business. Today, that purpose for being in Oklahoma no longer exists, and today I am working on plans to return to the Las Vegas area or, possibly Phoenix, AZ. That may happen as soon as mid-January of next year. I plan to continue my photography work, but I also plan to begin working with my music again. And, I plan to finally start, at least, a part-time van-life.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Writing a New Business Plan

 Any business plan should be made to be flexible so that a business can survive in an ever-changing environment. BWM has started a major overhaul that I hope will make it more flexible, more challenging, more inspiring, and more productive in many ways as I open up the enterprise to grow.

A big part of the changes that are coming my way involves creating a new business plan for BWM. As a result, I have started rebuilding my photography website. And, as a result of that, many of my galleries will be unlisted (temporarily not visible) to visitors while I am working to make them better. New galleries, however, (my new work) will be visible. And, one of my primary goals will be to build a catalog of real estate photography. This, I hope, will enable me to produce an income for traveling while building a business that members of my family can benefit from if they so choose.


Friday, December 4, 2020

Changes Are Part of Life

 Three days ago I was coming close to time to starting an ad campaign for my photography business. My site was ready. I was ready. But, my web platform was not ready. In reality, my platform had moved on without me. That is, changes had been made by my web carrier that I did not know about. And, I worked for 3 solid 14 hour days to find an answer to the problem. This was my fault. I had not stayed in touch with the changes that my platform host had been making. 

So, after 10 hours of work on the 3rd day, I decided to try a new template. And, luckily, I like my new template. It is much easier to work with. And, although it will take time to get it up to par for advertising, I think I will be much happier with it. Also, while I am in the process of rebuilding the site I think I can make my galleries more attractive to buyers. And, since the weather will often not be too nice for awhile I can work on the look of my current galleries instead of producing more galleries.

Coming soon, a new look is.