Saturday, March 12, 2022

Bouncing Back


“Bouncing Back and Starting Over” will be the replacement title for my fundraiser. “Happy Birthday to Me - Not So Much”, evidently was not a good campaign title or story for a fundraiser. I still have problems that stem from the same issues, but next week I will make the decision on whether to replace my van or rebuild it.

Choice #1.) Most people have told me to find a cheap replacement, keep my payments low, and pray. 

Choice #2.) Another choice is to borrow another $6k and put a new motor in the van. This will more than double what I owe and extend the loan contract by over a year. 

Choice #3.) And the one I am leaning toward tonight, is to find a cheap replacement vehicle, find a place to store my van, come out of retirement and find a trucking job, pay off my transportation debt, and rebuild my van.

More to come. 

Monday, March 7, 2022

Happy Birthday to Me - Not So Much

My plan is to delete my current fundraiser soon. But, I also plan to replace it with a new donor/subscriber program that I will use to show donors/subscribers how the money from the first fundraiser is being spent to better my life. 

A lot of life changes have developed since I blew the engine in my van last month. And, while nothing is settled on my transportation problem as of yet, I at least have permission for a bank loan if I choose to go that way. I am now trying to look at all my alternatives.

Meanwhile, this will have to be the closing post regarding my initial fundraiser. I will delete it soon. I never had the proper time to work with this fundraiser, and it did rather poorly. But, I want to thank those who did donate their hard-earned money to me. Rest assured that your money will go toward transportation for me.

Because of my work in photography and my love of travel I do not want to lose my van. But, owing $10k on a 20 year old van is not the most comfortable thought. But,I am looking into coming out of retirement to be able to completely restore and rebuild my van.

Ok, below are links to my primary websites for the work I do in photography. 

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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Two Posts In One


Regarding my fundraiser:


In 1978 I lost it all in my first divorce. I was a drunkard winding my way down a road that would take me through Hell. I lost two children that may never be regained. But, I survived with a very big scar in my heart.

In September of 1995 I lost almost everything in my second divorce and became a single dad. But, I kept two boys. This responsibility most likely saved my life.

Twenty years ago I had a quadruple bypass heart surgery. The Doctors said I would be off work for about 6 months. I went back to work after 6 weeks. Twelve years ago I lost almost all I had earned through a forced retirement due to continued health problems that brought on total exhaustion.

In April of 2019 I bought a van in anticipation of hard times to come. I wanted a roof over my head when hard times did come. Last month, on my 73rd birthday, the motor blew up in my van. I have been in negotiations with my bank since then to figure out what to do with this van. Without transportation I will lose it all, again.