Friday, September 28, 2018

Why I Photograph Parks and Trails

My first photo outing in 27 days was done yesterday. I simply used my cell phone to photograph Fox Ridge Park, in Henderson, Nevada. After shooting Fox Ridge Park I headed over to shoot a part of Sunset Park in Las Vegas that I had not shot in before. And, I will be returning to Sunset Park to shoot yet another part of the park that has escaped my camera so far. Anyway, I have just finished editing and posting my photos from yesterdays outing.

These are the reasons I photograph these parks:
1.) I get some good exercise with all of the walking that this takes.
2.) I learn more about the communities in the Las Vegas Valley.
3.) I will soon begin to advertise my work to the real estate industry in the Las Vegas Valley for their use in selling the neighborhoods they work to sell.

Most likely I will return to these sites to use my Nikon's and get some better photos. This trip was primarily for the exercise.

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