Saturday, May 25, 2019

Live Is But A Journey

As it turns out I may not be doing much van-building for a while. The more I look at what will need to be done in the immediate future is simply not much. Eventually, I will want to make changes. But for now, all I really need to do is make a small storage box to place at the back end of my bed. I will place a piece of foam on that end to make that bed long enough for me to be comfortable. But, even that may not happen for until colder weather.

My first purchases will be a cot and a sleeping bag, a generator and a rack to carry it on, a microwave to cook on, and a dorm refrigerator. That will do for weekend warrior boon-docking.

I have to admit I feel like a horse. I am chomping at my bit with anticipation wanting to just take off for parts unknown. But, I am trying to convince myself to stay here to help my sister get some things sold and make a move if she needs to do that. But, my day is coming, finally.

Life Is But A Journey

Life is but a journey that we all must take.
The path we choose to take is but the life we lead.
There's nothing but your mind to keep you in the dark.
But, all it ever takes is just a little spark. - A Busker's Song by Keith Birmingham

When I moved to Las Vegas just over two years ago I had plans of finding employment as an event photographer and/or working freelance as an event, travel, and stock photography. As it turns out my projects as a freelance has kept me more than busy. Of course, the money is not rolling in as I hoped it would, but I am doing what I love.

I began coming to Las Vegas back in 1974 as an over-the-road trucker. And, I have lived in Las Vegas off and on over the last several years in retirement. What I have learned about Las Vegas (at least in my case) is that it is a great city to get exposure in many fields of the arts, but it simply doesn't pay much due to the competition. But, two years ago I came to this city with no money in the bank, and only a dream I planned to try. I have not struck it rich, but I have not been disappointed. There is a learning curve to every new enterprise.