Friday, December 26, 2008

Organizing Workflow

It has been more than 3 months since my camera equipment was put into pawn. It has been a long and painful journey to get from where we were in August to where we are today. And, the money that I got from my camera equipment is what enabled us to survive the financial crisis that we were plunged into. And, finally, in less than a month, I will have my camera equipment back. And, as of this posting, I am putting everyone on notice (especially those who seem to think I am their private atm machine) that the bumming ends as of now. For those of you who are too damned lazy to get or hold a job you will now need to find another source of income. The only way you will ever get another dime, or any other kind of help, from me is that if you can show me that you are worthy of it. Period.

While I have been without my camera gear for the past three months I have been learning everything I can about how to use these sites to promote HKB Photo. Now, it is time for me to narrow my workload back down so that I will have more time to work with my camera. So,- here is my plan. I do not have the time necessary to keep up with social websites. However, I plan to keep this "Vox" site going, and I plan to post to "Twitter". I am also on "Rejaw", and will continue to work with it until I figure out whether it will replace my "Pownce" (Vox is making a big mistake if they keep Pownce closed or not.) And, that will probably be it between me and social websites. Then there are my blogs. My Wordpress blogs, "Trucks * Truckers * Trucking" and "Photography by Keith Birmingham" will most likely stay active. I say this because I have Blogger blogs by the same titles {Trucks * Truckers * Trucking and Photography by Keith Birmingham} that may ultimately be the blogs that I keep. (Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!) I am also working on two other blogs that I may add to my list of blogs that I hope to turn commercial. And, there will be more.

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