Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starting to Go Commercial

Commercial links are now being placed on all of my blogs, and on HKB Photo. I am now on the LinkShare affiliate program. I believe that I will try to maintain my blogs with 8-12 affiliate buttons/banners at a time. All of my affiliates are chosen according to whether they would be prime sites for the person who spends a great deal of their time traveling. Trucks * Truckers * Trucking will, of course have buttons/banners that target those who make a living in the transportation industry. HKB PhotoBlog will, I hope, have buttons/banners chosen specifically for photographers. Keith Birmingham may end up having the most buttons/banners. It will target a broader audience of shoppers, mainly families. And, HKB Photo, will have buttons/banners for those people with professions in the publications, advertising, entertainment, and photography professions.

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