Monday, September 28, 2009

Attitude is Everything

Cheer Up!

Ya know, I am disgusted with my attitude. I have been reading some of my past postings, and they seem very negative to me. However, I know that when I wrote them I did not intend to be a whiner. Yeah, I have a few physical ailments. And, one day they will kill me. So what. Everyone dies. And, except for the attitude that I seem to be displaying through my writings, I think my mental state is more stable now than it has been in years. At more than one point I believe I was only moments away from crossing the line into complete insanity. But, even if time does not heal all wounds, well - you can learn to cope with them. And, I have done that.

Anyway, let this post be fair notice to all: If I sound like I am whining then you or someone needs to kick my butt. Because I have nothing worth whining over. I am extremely grateful for the life I have had, because I know the direction my life could have gone in. Bad things have happened in my life simply because I was not strong enough to control my own destiny. But, all I have to do to realize that my life has been good is listen/watch the news on the radio/television. God has been good to me. I believe in God. I believe he is watching over me. And, although I may not have earned a gate pass to heaven, I do not think he will send me to hell. I will just have to work a little harder at being good during my next go-around.

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