Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Will Bury You

A man sometimes has to take drastic measures in order to protect his family, home, and himself. The history of this planet and civilization shows that no man is entirely safe from those who choose to intrude upon him. So it is with man, and so it is with nations. President Ronald Reagan was noted, among other things, for a speech in which he said “trust but verify”. Back then he was talking about Russia. Today he would be talking about the general subject of illegal immigration.

The United States is a nation of laws. That is why we are still free. But, it is also why we are loosing more of our freedoms every day. On July 4, 1776 a handful of patriots gave us a republic. One of those men added, “If you can keep it”. And, we celebrated. But, on July 5, 1776 some of those same men began making laws that encroached on the freedoms they had just given us. Today we have so many laws that, with as many law enforcement agencies as we have and with an army of law enforcement officers, our government (You know, those politically minded people with houses in Washington, D.C. and homes in different states and countries that were paid for by the taxes you pay.) finds itself unable to protect the citizens that each of them are sworn (by oath of office) to protect.

There are other reasons why we are loosing our freedoms on a daily basis. But, while there are many reasons why this is happening, they can all be listed under a few simple reasons. They are: complacency, denial, stupidity, ignorance, faith in God, trust in knowledge, and the simple fact that if we do not learn from history we will parish when history repeats itself. The reason for these reasons can probably be summed up by the simple fact that most of us who are alive today had absolutely nothing to do with earning the freedoms that we have. And, therefore, we do not respect and protect them.

The United States of America was once a beacon of freedom that the rest of the world looked to for guidance and protection. Today the United States is considered the home of a herd of sheep being led to slaughter by a pack of greedy politicians. Like all politicians, Ronald Reagan accepted donations from agenda driven corporations and organizations. And, he spent that money as rabidly as any politician could have. But, Ronald Reagan was able to get Russia to “tear down that wall’ because he spent tax payer money giving the United States the mightiest military in the world. Today our politicians are running a welfare office for every failing corporation in this country that is controlled by contracts with union labor, and by failing to protect our borders, our states, our communities, and our families from the hordes of criminals crossing our borders every single day. Russia said they will destroy us from within. And, even though it may not be them who are destroying the United States, we are being destroyed from within.

There are still those who will argue that the illegal aliens are contributing to our society, and should be forgiven for the misdemeanor offense of crossing our border illegally. (Why is it a misdemeanor in the United States and a major offense in Mexico?) They do not stop to consider that the governments of these countries are using their civilian population as a means of invading our country, as any country with a weaker military would logically do.  
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