Friday, July 16, 2010

Fantasy - at The Luxor

Last Saturday was my second night out on the town since coming to Las Vegas the first week of June of this years. So, now maybe people will understand that I did not come to Las Vegas to search for my missing youth. Frankly, I have earned every wrinkle and gray hair I have. And, I wear it proudly.

My night out was to the Luxor (yeah, the big black pyramid) Casino for the burlesque style show called “Fantasy”.  Well, people, I know what a titty bar is. I know what a lap dance is. And, I have seen my share of the female anatomy. But, I admit I am truly innocent when talking about what a burlesque show really is. I just assume that I was at one. There were nine ladies on stage, together and in skits including only one or two girls. On this night they also had a black man doing some cornball jokes. Truthfully, although I enjoyed his act, no one was really sure why he was in this “Fantasy’.

We were maybe ten minutes into the hour-and -a- half show before they started loosing the tops of their costumes. But, by that time I already had a “xxxx” eatin’ grin on my face. What the show boils down to is an hour-and-a-half of bawdy, soft core porn entertainment. In Vegas you can see as much skin as these ladies showed  while your standing on a strip corner anywhere along the strip, day or night. But, after the show the ladies will sign autographs. Photo books are available, but I assume they will autograph your forehead if that is what you want. Imagine what you can stare at while they are doing that. Hmmm!

But, the show was fun and entertaining. And, for me, it was free. So, I can’t complain. For ticket information you can call: 702.262.4400. The show is on-line ate: Dinner and show packages are available.

This show was choreographed by Cris Judd. Additional choreography by Gustavo Vargas and Tiger Martina. The show was produced and directed by Emmy Award-Winner Anita Mann.

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