Thursday, April 14, 2011

Positioning Myself Within My Market

In the past couple of years I have narrowed down the choices of the specialties in photography that I want to work in. I enjoy these three specialties: event, travel and industrial. Now, I am trying to narrow it down what events I can and want to cover from the area that I live in. My problem is that I do not like the idea of narrowing my subject matter any more than it already is. But, the area in which I live, and the fact that until I establish a name in the industry I will automatically be limited in the subjects that I shoot.

For now I live in Weatherford, Oklahoma. I believe that most, if not all photographers in western Oklahoma rely on portrait work and weddings to support their habits. I believe that I can establish myself as an event photographer in this area. I am currently researching and scheduling sporting events that are available for me to shoot. But I have no doubts that I will need to supplement my "event" income with my other photography specialties, - industrial and travel. I believe there is the possibility of  plenty of stock and assignment work for the transportation industry and the oil patch of western Oklahoma and north Texas. I have no doubt that the oil patch will remain moderately active for quiet some time. No doubt, sooner or later, the U.S. will recognize the need to “Drill Here! Drill Now!“ It is going to happen. The only question is “when?”. My major goal in shooting for the oil patch would be to shoot rig moves for the entire industry. I believe this could result in assignments that would offer me travel opportunities to other parts of the world. In these travels I would pursue stock and assignment work geared for the travel and tourism industry.

My choice is to live in a rural area. I was born and raised in western Oklahoma. I do however have a larger dream of earning a living as a documentary and event photojournalist. If I find that my markets are not big enough to support my business in the area that I live in I know that I will need to make a move to where the market is. For now, my 2nd choice for a place to live would be on the west coast, and probably in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. The event photography market there is immense. The competition is immense. And, there are several segments of the event industry from which to choose a specialty. In western Oklahoma your choices are governed more by the lack of variety of events to cover. But, it is all good when you make a living with a camera in your hand.

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