Friday, June 10, 2011

No Complaints

No complaints from this end. I have had a busy, busy, busy 18+ months of retirement. But, with any good luck, it's only going to get busier. A week ago I made an investment that could very easily go the wrong way for me. But, I believe in God. I believe in myself. And, I believe in my photography. And, I plan to enter the career that I have been wanting all of my adult life, and working hard to start for the past six years now. And, that don't include the several times that my efforts were stymied my life itself.

I did not have the money to get anywhere near all of the equipment that I want or need. But, I believe I have a good starting kit. And, I am making arrangements to be able to rent what ever else I need. My website is up, but I have to do some pricing work, and a few other things. And, I have been spending from 2 to 6 hours each day out getting familiar with what my new Nikon D700 can do. This camera is actually near the low end of what would be considered a pro-model camera. But, it has all of the functions that I need. And, the two lens that I bought are the top of the line products. And, I can tell you that they are showing me that I was doing better at photography than I thought I was. My biggest hangup has been the quality of my lens. That will never happen again.

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