Friday, July 1, 2011

A Few Things to Consider

Here are some of the basic things a photographer must consider when starting a business.

From Wesley Hitt, photographer, North Little Rock, Arkansas.

The wear and tear on the camera and lens.
Batteries for your flash.
Memory card and the new one you will buy one day.
Do you have a roof over you head? A roof over your equipment?
Roof over your computer? How do you afford new computers?
How do you burn your CD? The cost of the CD? The cost of going
to buy and storing your CD's? Do you have insurance? Insurance on
yourself and/or your equipment?
What is the value of your time? Are you worth $25 an hour or are
your worth $125 an hour? Figure out now if you want to be known
as the cheap photographer or the good photographer? They do not
go together.

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