Saturday, October 1, 2011

Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Businessby Keith Birmingham
It was recess. Two nine year old boys, Norman and Timmy, were on the school playground playing with their toy trucks. When Billy the Bully walked up to them they both stood up with trucks in hand. Billy the Bully started calling them names, and demanding that the boys give him their trucks. Norman refused, but Timmy became very frightened. Timmy threw his truck to the ground, turned around and ran back to the schoolhouse screaming for help. Billy the Bully leaned backward and roared in laughter so that all the other kids on the playground would see that he had scared Timid Timmy. Now, watching Timid Timmy run away disgusted Norman. But, hearing Billy the Bully’s laughter infuriated him. While Billy the Bully roared with laughter Norman reached down and grabbed a handful of sand. When Billy the Bully stopped laughing and turned his attention to Norman he received a face full of sand. Billy the Bully raised his hands to shield his face. Norman used this opportunity to kick Billy the Bully between the legs. Of course, Billy the Bully now bent over in pain. And, when he did, Norman used his truck on Billy the Bully’s noggin, laying him out cold on the ground. Now, Stormin’ Norman picked up both of his trucks, and calmly moved to another part of the playground to continue his games. But, the story doesn’t end there. That was over thirty years ago. These boys grew up. Billy the Bully continued to play with trucks. He grew up and became a trucker for awhile. But, he grew tired of all the hard work, and being gone from home all of the time. So, Billy the Bully got an office job in a major trucking firm. Now, people had to do what he said or he could fire them. Timid Timmy also continued to play with trucks. He also grew up and became a trucker. Things looked good for awhile, but Timid Timmy continued to whine instead of taking care of his business. And, because he spent more time whining than he did taking care of business Timid Timmy’s business failed. But, the “softhearted” Billy the Bully was there to smile wickedly and give Timid Timmy a job working under him. But then, one day at a company meeting Billy the Bully was promoted to Corporate Operations Manager. His first order of business was to promote Timid Timmy to Terminal Manager in the worst terminal he could find. And, as usual, Timid Timmy accepted the promotion, and immediately began to whine and complain about his working conditions. Now, Stormin’ Norman also continued to play with trucks. And, he also grew up to become a truck driver, an owner/operator, and eventually started his own trucking company providing more and more people with good paying jobs. He treated his employees well, and he and his employees prospered. And then, one sunny afternoon Stormin’ Norman closed a deal to purchase the very corporation where Billy the Bully and Timid Timmy now worked. And, the first order of business for Stormin’ Norman was to terminate Billy the Bully and Timid Timmy for incompetence. Stormin’ Norman never tolerated bully’s, laziness or incompetence. Stormin’ Norman was successful because, unlike Timid Timmy, he stood up for what he believed in. He didn’t waste his time whining and complaining. Stormin’ Norman could be counted on to take care of business, He and his employees could be counted on to get the job done. They didn’t quit because the job was too hard. Stormin’ Norman proudly ran with the big dogs.*Footnote: If you have comments on this little story (good or bad) and would like to contact me please e-mail me at

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