Saturday, December 3, 2011

Three Tips for Dealing with Burnout

Three tips for dealing with on the job burnout:

1.) Take (make) some extra time just to do something or go somewhere that is “non-job related”. Just because you are married to your job is no sign you should be with that job every minute of your day.

2.) Vegetate. Do nothing but rest. Do this especially before and after a trip, or doing a project.

3.) Instead of setting aside one hour, or one day, for a project make it a 2 hour or 2 day project.

Bonus Question: Ask yourself this question about your next project: Will the world end if I do not complete this job by the time someone else wants me too?

Answer: Usually it won’t. But, if your burnt out you won’t do the job to the best of your ability anyway.

Bonus Tip: Life is a gift. Enjoy it.

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