Thursday, February 16, 2012

Living With a New, Living Constitution of the United States

Living With a New, Living Constitution of the United States

By Keith Birmingham

Here is one scenario of what you can look forward to as a results of a New, Living Constitution of the United States:

1.) Pot is legalized immediately. Well, maybe (?) that is not too bad considering the medical aspects, and the fact that it has about the same results on a civilization as does alcohol. We're doing just fine with alcohol, aren't we?

2.) God is not permitted on coin, currency or in public discourse. People, that means you can't mention him in public. Well, not too many of us believe in God anyway, do we?

3.) The government creates it's own news agency. If the Lib's are in control that means FOX shuts down, unless they promise more favorable treatment for the liberal mindset. And, CNN is never allowed to dispute the administration. ABC, NBC, and CBS, shut down because their advertisers are not allowed to advertise. WOW. There went my 1st Amendment. Yesterday they burned my Holy Bible. They took my Playboy subscription too. Hustler ran out of advertisers. The government owns all manufacturing now anyway. Buy from the government or do without, just like your medical treatment.

4.) It just seems like the government cannot make televisions any better than they make cars, and I can't get parts for my Government Motors car. Nobody makes anything anymore, except the government. All they make is laws to take something else from me. I wish we had never started using that Euro-dollar.

5.) All wild game is declared "protected". You are no longer allowed to hunt. And, since you are no longer allowed to hunt you do not need guns. So, private gun ownership is not allowed. Well, there goes the 2nd Amendment. It's that simple.

6.) WOW. I did not know that POT was a "gate-way" drug. I thought that was a lie. But, heroin is now legal. Now, my neighbors daughter has turned to prostitution to support her habit since the government is rationing here supply. But, at least prostitution is legal now. Who stole my car? There really isn't people who sell their children into slavery, is there?

7.) My government just put me in prison for refusing to let them station military personnel in my home. The government owns my house now. I didn't even know they were allowed to search me, my car, and my home without a warrant.

8.) Now I am sitting here remembering how much I wanted a new "living" constitution. I've now lost 2 kids because of drugs. My grandchildren were all born drug addicts. The streets are owned by foreign gangs. People are getting decapitated. And, all of that just because I thought I would rather put up with a mellowed out, stoned teenager than a drunk one.

9.) This "New, Living Constitution of the United States doesn't even allow for adopting amendments. And, this government has now said that none of the old ones are binding. They say the government is in charge of the people. Funny, according to the old constitution "we the people" were in charge of the government. I smell another revolution coming.

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