Friday, March 16, 2012

My Heart Bleeds

I am a wuss. Many people that think they know me think that I am callus and uncaring. Some members of my own family think that I am mean and heartless because I will no longer support them because I do not care. They have missed the point. I no longer support them because they have never done anything in there lives but rely on others to do for them what they are too lazy to do themselves.

When I look back at the songs that I have written I now realize that in some way they are each somehow connected with my life, even though I know that I tried my best to keep them from being connected to me. This is one of those songs. But, I realize that this song also deals with everyday life for the world around me. I have seen this stuff. I have lived this stuff. And, that is why there are days when something out of the blue comes drifting through my mind, and I have to find a corner where there is no one around, and sit down and cry. God, I hate myself for saying that. But, it is true. And, it is why I hate humanity.

I hope that those who read this will also take the time to visit the following two links. The first article is about what one toddler did to another. The other is even uglier. I strongly believe that, in the case of the second article, there should be a law that grants the parents of these victims the right to punish these perpetrators in any fashion that their heart tells them to do. And, afterwards, if the perps are still alive they should be skinned alive, and forced to die slowly and painfully. Please read these articles. And, please read the lyrics to my song. You will then know why I am quiet satisfied to live alone.

Keith Birmingham
Copyright: 2011 by Keith Birmingham

I watched a man dying from his booze.
I watched a woman cry as she died too.
I watched a family as they fell apart.
And, I tried to understand.

I see the man who slaves all day,
In the fields just to make his pay.
I see the man life is beating down,
And, I try to understand.

I saw the scars on her wrists and hands.
Broken dreams lying in the sand.
When she died I didn’t understand.
The lady dressed in red.
And, my heart bleeds.

I watched the lady as she sold her soul,
To the devil on the streets below.
She lives a life of happenstance.
And, I cannot understand.
And, my heart bleeds.
And, my heart bleeds.

I see the face of a battered child.
A broken life, lying in the dust.
Another victim of a broken home.
Another child that’s all alone.
And, my heart bleeds.
My heart bleeds.

My heart bleed for the children on the street.
For the pain they know will come.
And, the love I know they need.
And, I cry for the broken home.
And, my heart bleeds.
My heart bleeds.
My heart bleeds.
Yeah, my heart bleeds.

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