Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Political Way

The Political Way
By Keith Birmingham

Well, a woman talked me
On a cold, cold winter day
Of how a man with this big smile
Would wipe her cares away.

She said he had a major plan
Of how great her life should be
And, he was gonna take a stand
He was gonna set her free.

He said I’ll mail a monthly check
For you to buy the things you need.
You don’t need to do a thing.
Just be sure to vote for me.

This man was chosen by the mass.
And, he went of to D.C.
He said he’d never let them down.
Said he'd take care of you and me.

Now time has come, and time has gone,
And, life is tougher than before,
But, he just smiles and makes believe
The wolves ain’t howling at our door.

But, that same woman said to me,
On one cold, cold winter day,
That if he ever showed his face,
There was something she would say.

She’d say, “Sir you lied to me,
And, I don’t trust you anymore.
You are not the man I need,
You’re a money grubbing whore.”

I saw that man the other day.
He was standing on her lawn,
Telling her to keep the faith,
It’s always dark before the dawn.

She wrote and handed him a check
He smiled and walked away,
She turned and smiled and said to me,
"That bank of mine will never pay."

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