Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hunt Is On

It is almost 3 in the morning, and insomnia has me up and around. But, at some time today I will be going to Oklahoma City to kidnap my grandson for a couple of days. He won’t be home from school until late in the day, but I plan to spend part of my day shopping for a vehicle to help me start a new life in. What I think I need is a van.

I plan to convert it into traveling motel for one with the possible addition of a large dog. I want to use the van to travel for my photographic work, and to work as a street musician. I will make do with a van that has nothing more than the basic necessities to start with, - a driver and passenger seat, radio, a/c and heater, and in decent mechanical shape. It does not need to be a beauty to look at. Actually, I want it to look as plain and simple as possible. This will be a good safety feature.

My life on the road will be kept simple. I will take what I need for the work I plan to do, the clothes that I need for several days on the road, a place to store food, possibly a cook stove, a makeshift desk/table, and a twin size mattress. And, of course I will need room for a tool box, a spare tire and jack. The equipment I will need for my work is as follows:
A.) Laptop, external drive, printer.
B.) Camera bag, accessories bag, studio equipment.
C.) Guitar, 2 amps, accessories bag.
This should be all of the equipment I will need with me to start with. I figure that if I start doing more that  extended trips I can purchase a small trailer to store more belonging in until I think it is feasible trade up to a larger camper. But, actually I do consider that I will be better off if I can keep a home available that I can come home too. For the last 3 years I have been a homebody, but for 35 years prior to that I lived in a truck. Now that I have had a taste of a real home I figure I will start missing it again someday, probably sooner than later.

Although I currently hope to one day leave the common world behind and spend the rest of my life on the road I do understand that my best bet is to try to keep my apartment, and start my new life by building my way into it. A couple of important things I need to consider pertains to medical care. I will need to always stay fairly close to a Veterans Hospital, and I will need to be able to get my prescriptions filled which will probably required visiting a V.A. Hospital.

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