Thursday, February 28, 2013

8 Things About Me I Have Discovered

1.) I love to travel. But, I’m just too damned tired to do it like I did for 35 years as an over-the road trucker.

2.) I like making new friends, and I like being with old friends. But, I like living alone. I especially like having no one to rely on my for their livelihood.  am a decent cook, but prefer not to cook much since there is only me.

3.) I love children. I cannot go anywhere without paying more attention to the children around me that I do to the adults. I believe this is due to my profession keeping me away from my own children so much that my relationships with them have suffered tremendously.

4.) I missed my calling in life as a teenager. Although I would have probably lived a shorter life due to drugs and booze, I was a natural for playing music. I am now, at 64, chasing a dream that is not so big, but it does involve music.

5.) Photography is my passion, my hobby, and a way of making money for myself. It is a passion that I cannot give up. But, I know that I must make changes in my life in order for my photography to become a successful business.

6.) I love animals. I would love to have dogs, cats, and other pets around me. But, for their sake, I don’t. I do not like to see any animal caged, or tied up. This is what our society requires today. Humanity can be so ugly.

7.) I have many conservative views. I have almost as many liberal views. I am an independent libertarian, I think.

8.) I claim to hate "PEOPLE", but I will do my best to help anyone who is trying to help themselves.

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