Monday, March 11, 2013

The Story of Us

Gorilla Snot

The Story of Us
Copyright, 2013 by Keith Birmingham

Time is like a bottle that is flowing down a stream
Never turning back to look, never stopping in between.
The place where it first started, and the place where it will end
Is like the story of a woman, and the story of a man.
The stream becomes a river, and sometimes the ride gets rough.
But, the glass that makes the bottle, sometimes is tough enough.
And, the ride becomes a journey, and the journey stops for nothing on it’s way.

A cloud  up in the sky goes drifting slowly by
But, you never stop to think about the rain.
You never watch it as it turns from white to smoky black
And, you never know a storm is on it’s way.
You just roll on down the road like the water in a stream,
But, you never see the danger in your path.
And, the cloud becomes a storm,  and the storm will soon control your destiny.

Well, the story of a life can be told in black an white
You may never know the story is of you.
But, decisions that you make, forms the path your life will takes
And,  they all become the story about you..
Gently floating down a stream, or rolling down a dusty road,
Life is like a game of cards you hope to win.
But, the devil’s in the game, and you know he’s in the game ‘cause he can win.
Yes, the devil’s in the game, and you know he’s in the game ‘cause he can win.

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