Friday, May 3, 2013

If Not Now, - when?

My mind is cluttered with the things that I need to get done within the next month, and with the things that await me once I leave Oklahoma. I am preparing for a move to Las Vegas, and truthfully, I see the possible hardships that I am going to face once I get there. No, I do not gamble. I will play the nickel slots while friends and family do their gambling thing. But, I can’t sit at one for more than 20 minutes before the noise around be drives me away. But, I like the juxtaposition between The Strip and real life in Las Vegas.

So, why am I moving out there? I’m moving out there to do something I can’t do here without doing a lot of traveling. Yes, I too love to travel too. But, I no longer desire to drive hundreds of miles on a daily basis, and never stop long enough to learn anything about where I am. I’m moving out there to do the kind of photography that I want to do. I’m moving out there to photograph the people (tourist and locals) that make being in Las Vegas what it is. I’m moving out there to do “event” photography. I’m moving out there to make it my base for “travel” photography.

And, I’ moving out there to keep from freezing my butt off while having to scrape snow and ice off of my windshield every morning before I can drive to town to take care of business. Heat, I dread the summer heat. I dread the summer heat out there just like I dreaded the summer heat of the past few years hear in Oklahoma. But, I will get past a lot of that by adapting my hours to sleep during the day. I will need to do that to get the kinds of photographs I want to get. I figure that, roughly, my waking hours will be from 4 or 5 p.m. to 7 or 8 a.m. on a regular basis. That will give me the ability to do photography during my favorite hours in Las Vegas, and I will catch the sunrise and sunset each day.

And, I’m moving out there to start on a project that I hope will enable me to produce more than a few photography books. I’m moving out there to photograph the street entertainers. And, I’m moving out there to possibly try my own hand at street entertainment as a musician. And, finally, I’m moving out there to meet people that have the same interest in life that I have.

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