Sunday, August 11, 2013

Click, Gig and Go

For the past 3 years I have studied photography and music. Two months ago I moved to Las Vegas to pursue new careers in both fields. As expected, things are moving slow for me. Anyone who knows how getting established in Las Vegas can wear you out will know exactly why things are moving slow for me. But, day by day and inch by inch, I am making headway in the direction I want to be going in.

My photographic specialties are "event, lifestyle and travel" photography. There is a partial list on (A Camera, Guitar and Passport) my blog of where my work can be found. A visit to my blogs and online studio will quickly show you where I am going with my photography. And, of course, I am on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Those links are on the blog.

In music, I play rhythm and some 2nd lead guitar, write original tunes, sing, and play old and new cover tunes in the following genres: country, rock, folk, blues, rockabilly, and just a little jazz.

While I am open to joining or forming a band my plan is to learn to use my music and photography to travel. Currently I plan to make Las Vegas my home base. This city is ideal for all three of my photo specialties. And, Las Vegas is an ideal place for street entertainers, forming a band, and getting to know people in the entertainment industry. It is my hope that I will be able to take what I learn here in Las Vegas on the road with me to travel, play music, do my photography, and write about all of it.
Author: Keith Birmingham
I click as a Photographer/journalist/writer.
I busk as a Musician/singer/songwriter.
I travel as a Photographer, Musician, Teacher and Student of Life.
E-mail Keith at, or phone at 702.561.4238.

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