Monday, November 25, 2013

The Purpose Remains the Same

Lest we forget the purpose of this blog is still to promote the professions of photography, writing, music, and travel. I have relocated, for now, my residence to Las Vegas, Nevada to be in one city that could give me an abundance of subjects in each field to photograph and write about. Things have been a little slow to progress due to some physical problems I have had for the past few months. But, they are getting better, and I am getting more organized in my work.

Much of my work is done on The Strip, or Las Vegas Blvd., in Las Vegas, known world wide as the entertainment capital of the world. I have done some street photography here, and much more of it is in my future. Three things make the city of Las Vegas click: (a.) the locals that serve the public that visits here. (b.) the attractions that bring the visitors here. (c.) the people that visit here.

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