Sunday, February 23, 2014

Submit to magazines

The following post was taken from an article posted by Picture Perfect Photography. The full article can be read here.
Since it’s much more cost effective for magazines to purchase images from stock photography websites, selling images to publications has become difficult, so it’s important to know how the proper steps to take when submitting images.
  • Research to make sure that you are submitting your photos to a relevant publication.
  • Contact the magazine to request the photo editor’s name and email.
  • Submit your photos by sending the photo editor a concise email with a link to a professional online gallery containing 6-7 of the best and most relevant photos.
  • Do not send attachments!
  • Make sure the photo editor knows who you are by including a profile photo and biography on your gallery page.
  • Caption your photographs to make it easy for the photo editor to see their relevance.
  • Tell the story in words and in your photographs when you submit. Magazines are selling stories and want photographs that complement them.
  • Do not stalk the photo editor.
  • Do not submit the same images to multiple publications. 

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