Sunday, July 6, 2014

Catching Up and Changing Directions

At best moving can only be described as a PIA. This one has taken me three months. And, sorry to say it may not be my last. And, it may not last long. But, for now, I am here. And, I plan to make the best of it. Last week I began to slowly get back into the groove of working with my photography. Yesterday I began updating my web (Bad Habit Photography) site, and continued the project this morning. I will also once again begin posting special projects on my Flickr sites.

Essentially, my specialties (EVENTS, LIFESTYLE and TRAVEL) will not change, but I will be accepting any opportunities to shoot any subject or project that I can, EXCEPT WEDDINGS. I plan to do a lot of industrial (trucks and the oilfield) work as long as I am living in this part of the country. But, I do hope to travel again soon. Travel will be another ongoing project for me. I seem to think and plan better when I am on long drives. When I am not driving I am always too busy being active in my daily life to sort through decisions and plans that need to be made.

Last night I began posting a new "Pet" gallery to my Bad Habit Photography web site. I have also posted some new floral shots in the Fine Art: Floral.1 gallery. I have, and will be, archiving some galleries and posting new ones in the near future. Finally, I hope to start traveling to small music venues in the region to begin photographing live music events and working on photography projects. It will be slow. But, IT WILL BE.

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