Monday, January 25, 2016

Photography, Music and Travel: It's What I Do

OK. Let's get down to the guts of the matter. My quadruple bypass heart surgery was back in 2002, but I had managed to go back to work for another 7 years. Finally, due to pure exhaustion I was forced to retire for health reasons from a 35 year career in the transportation industry. Mostly, it was pure exhaustion.

But, these days I get around pretty good for an old man, and I am working at turning my 3 passions in life into commercial enterprises. Those 3 passions are photography, music and travel.


After 35 years in the trucking industry it still feels great to me to be around trucks, trains, planes, and all other forms of travel.

I shoot performers at small venues. It gives me a chance to meet new people, and get great photos.

I love to travel. I would do it every day if it were possible. But, there is, always and forever, the book work.

Street photography and lifestyle photography keeps me on my toes.


Photography, music and travel. It keeps me busy and out of trouble. It feeds my stomach, and it feeds my brain. It's what I do.

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