Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Putting Together the Building Blocks


It has been a long time coming. Many times I considered giving up the struggle because I just could not figure out how to put things together. I have gone through several company name changes. I have changed photographic specialties to fit my own personality. I have struggled to define exactly what it is I want to accomplish. And, I think I am finally closing in on a way to get the job done.

Better World is the primary blog for a growing list of blogs that separate each of my life's passions. BWE is also the foundation for what I hope will be a future media corporation, and a legacy for my family.

In a couple of months there is a strong possibility that I will be relocating my home to another state. I plan to spend the next couple of months working with each of my enterprises to prepare them for the direction I plan to take them once this relocation is made. I have been working for the past six years in photography and music to learn skills that I believe will help me bring every part of BWE together to achieve my goal of multiple incomes. I plan to write articles and work with photography as I travel to perform as a busker. And, since my travels will often land me in many truck stops along the way, and since I have a previous 35 year career in the trucking industry, it seems only fitting that photographing and writing for and about the trucking industry would be included in my plans. And, I believe these enterprises have a good chance of being of interest to my children and grandchildren.

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