Thursday, November 28, 2019

The Job of a Logo

What is a logo? Well, a logo is a well-designed graphic image or physical property that describes a business and tells potential customers what a business does. Is your business trustworthy? Are you a professional? What is the quality of the goods or services you provide?

My business, Better World Media, actually requires two logos, a personal logo, and a business logo. If my business is successful I will eventually hire one or more employees, and each employee will have their own personal logo. Hopefully, these employees will also be (but not necessarily be) family members. The primary service of BWM, at this time, is photography. BWM, however, is designed to eventually start adding compatible services that use the professional talents of each individual employee.

At this time my personal logo consists simply of a black background, and two graphics. One graphic is the shutter of a camera. This represents my work in photography. One graphic is the treble clef, a music symbol. The treble clef represents my work as a musician and songwriter. Future plans are to add identifying info for BWM to the logo, and a redesign of the text.

The Better World Media logo, once again, consists of a black background, a camera shutter, and the treble clef. It also consists of eight simple graphics that convey the kind of work that BWM is noted for. There are four graphics showing modes of travel because BWM will travel to do the work that is needed. The guitar symbolizes our work in music. The camera and video camera shows our work in image production. And, the typewriter shows our work in tieing everything together to produce the story our clients are trying to convey.

Building the business of Better World Media has taught me a lot about building a business. But, I believe, more importantly, I am learning things about the human body and taking care of myself that I never before considered. For instance, a person can only do so much before it is time to take a break and get some rest.

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