Sunday, January 24, 2021

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Myriad Botanical Gardens, OKC.

Every citizen living in Oklahoma City lives within 6 blocks of a community maintained park and/or trail. The city has over 90 miles of trails for your enjoyment.


If I do not change my mind by this coming Thursday I will give my landlady a 30-day notice to vacate my apartment. I am still considering my options on what to do and where to go. Many things will control my final choice. My #1 choice is back to NV. I may have a place to stay when I get there, but I'm sure I can find a place if I choose to look. But, I may throw my belongings in storage and live in my van for a while. Or, if it looks like the economy is going south I may decide to just put my stuff in storage in OKC and boon-dock out of Oklahoma.

I was in OKC earlier today visiting my son. I was debating on whether to spend money on boondocking gear today, but I am trying to talk myself into waiting to see what happens. That gear will always be available, but I may need that money for something else before that. Either way, by mid-March I should be fine with or without the gear.

 If I stay in Oklahoma much of my time will be spent in Oklahoma City shooting local parks, preserves, trails, memorials, monuments, and museums there, but I will also travel around the state, and maybe Texas, to do my work. But, I already have 4 years of work wrapped up in Las Vegas. For that reason, I think I should try to base myself out of Las Vegas at least long enough to finish that job.


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