Sunday, February 5, 2023

Allegro Park, Henderson, NV.


This is a small but well-maintained neighborhood park that, although it appears not to be listed as part of the Seven Hills Trails system, seems to me like the actual start of the trail that is an easily walked trail from the park south to the three parks connected by the Seven Hills Trail connects.


Allegro Park is located next to an elementary school and sits behind the offices of a Robert's Realty  company. To travel to the park, and on to the parks of Seven Hills Trail simply follow St. Rose Parkway from I-215 going south, or from I-15 going north to Seven Hills Drive. Turn south on Seven Hills Drive and travel about 2 miles to 1023 Seven Hills Drive.

This is a small and not very busy park. I have stopped there 3 or 4 times and have seen no more than one person. But, it is well maintained, and scenic park with a great walking path from the playground down to a pathway leading south toward Seven Hills Trail.
Children's playground, restrooms, picnic area, barbeque pits, large open grass area

As I mentioned before, I consider this park to be a good start for those who want to explore the Seven Hills Trail and three beautiful, well-maintained, and scenic parks. I am now rebuilding my website. It will contain galleries of all of the parks and include photos from the trail that connects them. You will receive notice when the website is up and running again. Thank your for visiting and reading my blog.


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